Making reconciliation simple, smart and reliable

FIS® Data Integrity Manager (formerly IntelliMatch) reimagines reconciliation solutions and the way reconciliation professionals address challenges such as data inaccuracy and fragmentation, variation, convolution and degradation.

This SWIFT-accredited solution uses an automated reconciliation system to centrally track data integrity and reconciliation processes, simplifying the user experience. It also embeds artificial intelligence (AI) to solve your fast-changing data integrity challenges.

Track your reconciliation inventory

Monitor status, ownership, behavior, approvals and end-to-end progress against SLAs on one screen.

Define and demonstrate control

Reduce your risk with oversight and audit capabilities and enable one-click deployment for reconciliation.

Advance automation with AI

Employ machine learning to accelerate everyday reconciliation tasks and find new efficiencies.

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Client story

Crédit Agricole Egypt

Crédit Agricole Egypt automated the validation of millions of transactions by eliminating manual reconciliation and exception management processes.

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An end to the data point juggling act

With more data points to manage, manual processes can grow out of control, along with costs and errors – unless you put automation on your side.

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A fresh operating model is key

Innovative technology alone isn’t enough for efficient and agile reconciliation. Our expert, Dexter Thompson, explains the need for a new approach.

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How effective is your strategy?

Technology changes as fast as the markets, so if you’re not up on the latest and greatest, you’ll soon fall behind the competition.

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From spreadsheets to tailored technology

Spreadsheets may have served you well in the past, but the time has come for a more tailored approach using powerful, intuitive technology.

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Reconciliation shouldn’t be a burden

As data integrity becomes more critical, businesses face mounting pressure. But you can push past it all with the right reconciliation approach.

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Are you spending too much?

Firms must improve their speed to market to compete and grow, but they also need to keep costs and risks to a minimum.

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Are your controls robust enough?

Regularly reviewing the performance of your reconciliation function is vital due to the nature of data, systems, resourcing shifts and business changes.

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