The cloud-native platform that streamlines energy trading, risk management and operations

Faced with highly volatile and tightly regulated markets, your energy company needs a straightforward energy trading and risk management solution that empowers it to handle high trading volumes, establish robust risk controls and satisfy regulatory requirements.

FIS® Energy Trading, Risk and Logistics Platform is a flexible, cloud-native platform designed to help you calculate market-to-market positions in real time, capture physical and financial instruments for multiple commodities and analyze historical and interval market data from various sources. It supports gas and power commodities, weather, emissions, coal, fuels, refined products, liquified natural gas, FX and derivatives worldwide.

Harness cloud capabilities

Enjoy expertly managed cloud security for efficient trading, risk management and operations of physical energy commodities.

Streamline processes

Take advantage of a simple-to-use and fully customizable HTML5 user interface with proven backend technology.

Adhere to regulations

Acquire the functionality you need to comply with both existing and emerging government regulations.

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Traditional versus digital

Faced with a changing workforce, utility companies must decide whether to stick to outdated processes or prioritize digital transformation.

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Less pain, more gain

One of Europe’s largest energy companies optimizes its commodities trading with a containerized implementation of FIS Energy Trading, Risk and Logistics Platform.

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