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The complete picture for risk professionals

For the most informed risk decisions, you need the right calculations, quickly. Chartis Research ranks FIS® Enterprise Risk Suite first in the industry for a reason. Our risk simulation and calculation engine provides fast, accurate XVA, SIMM and risk calculations and can help you lower costs as well.

As part of the suite, FIS® Risk Analytics Manager delivers high-performance pricing and risk calculations, capturing both pricing-intensive and aggregation-heavy risk metrics in one flexible engine. This industry-leading solution enables you to reduce hardware costs, integrate your own models or calculations, and gain transparency on risk with integrated in-memory aggregations.

Deliver perfect transparency

Risk-takers and managers can work together with real-time, shared access to the building blocks of risk models.

Stay ahead of errors and exposure

Exploit the power of machine learning to identify the various sources of risk with greater speed and accuracy.

Stay on time, all the time

Keep pace with regulatory change with the ability to compute and process the latest regulatory requirements.

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Stay compliant, competitive and cost-effective

With risk management now fundamental to the overall performance of your firm, you need an innovative, multifaceted solution.

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A sensitive subject

FIS Risk Analytics Manager enables fast sensitivities to manage XVA, reduce capital requirements and make optimal trading decisions.

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Validate both sides of the margin

With initial margin calculations just one of many new requirements, here’s how to tick all the boxes in a cost-effective manner.

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FRTB risk aggregation: An IT perspective

With new rules under the FRTB Internal Models Approach challenging traditional IT architecture, here’s what you need to know.

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