Financial Close Manager

Close with speed and confidence


Automating and Controlling Every Step of the Financial Close

FIS® Financial Close Manager delivers a single platform that seamlessly automates and controls every step of your financial close process. The solution enables you to capture all of the information and supporting documentation you need to certify general ledger account balances for the close period.

Backed by our industry-leading reconciliation system and artificial intelligence, Financial Close Manager provides configurable best practice models for your certification processes. So, you can streamline your close while adhering to – and demonstrating – consistent levels of control.

How FIS Empowers the Financial Close Process

Discover a controlled, automated and flexible close

Structure and Control Your Financial Close

Accommodate risk profiles between different account types, enforcing best practices and conforming with internal policies

Automate Matching and Balancing

Create common standards that are easy to maintain and roll out across business lines

Deploy as You Need

Rely on FIS to host Financial Close Management in our secure cloud

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