• Fixed Income Processing Suite

The investment portfolio management solution that goes far beyond simply tracking investments

The FIS® Fixed Income Processing Suite offers advanced portfolio management and accounting with trading capabilities that enable you to improve investment performance while streamlining operations.

This integrated investment portfolio management solution includes trade processing and safekeeping functions that address all investment management and reporting needs in a single system. Trades are automatically reflected throughout the system in real time, eliminating redundant entries and errors while giving you an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of an investment portfolio for optimal decision-making.

Streamlined and comprehensive

Take an efficient approach to bank treasury and portfolio management.

Optimized investment returns

Address all investment management and reporting needs in a single system.

Scalable and adaptable

Grow with our open system as your needs and business requirements change.

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Portfolio tracking plus trading, all on one system

Put an end to the redundancies, inconsistencies and errors that occur when managing your money using disparate systems.

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