The KYC solution that helps you navigate consumer identity complexities without impeding account opening

When customers encounter account opening delays, they may abandon the effort forever. Yet with escalating fraud and changing requirements, the tradeoff is often onboarding slowdowns. FIS® Global KYC provides a single, holistic view of the individual’s identity, allowing you to reduce sluggish manual approval tasks.

Global KYC automates decisioning in real time using customizable rules and workflows and ready access to advanced verification and fraud tools. The result is lower fraud and better compliance without interfering with account growth.

Consolidate multiple vendor solutions

Eliminate the need to integrate and maintain fractured solutions that cause onboarding roadblocks.

Break down operational silos

Empower fraud and compliance teams with one view of the accountholder without manual intervention.

Welcome new customers

Make it fast and easy for newcomers to open accounts, without risk that delays will discourage them.

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