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Global Transfer Agency Services for the Digital Era

FIS® Global Transfer Agency Services provides investment managers and fund administrators across multiple jurisdictions with modern BPaaS and SaaS solutions for the digital era.

We’re a global transfer agency services provider, offering the scale and investment of the world’s leading fintech company. When you partner with FIS for transfer agent services, you’re choosing global reach, a tenured team of experts, real-time technology and a bespoke client service model.

Plus, with Global Transfer Agency Services, you can rely on our proven approach to managing large-scale conversions – so you can continue meeting your clients’ evolving expectations.

How FIS Is Revolutionizing Transfer Agency Services

Evolve your transfer agency services with FIS

Partner with a Global Leader

Expand your transfer agent services and processing capabilities via our multi-jurisdictional solution

Process in Real Time

Employ real-time technology to keep pace with evolving business and client expectations

Convert with Confidence

Rely on FIS to plan, manage and execute your entire data migration for you

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Enjoy a competitive advantage with industry insights and leading perspectives delivered to you as you wake up.