FIS Intraday Liquidity Monitor

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The Intraday Liquidity Management Solution for Actionable Intelligence

FIS® Intraday Liquidity Monitor is an intraday liquidity management solution that delivers a simple, smart and reliable near real-time view of liquidity across the enterprise, giving you accurate and actionable intelligence.

Offering both intraday liquidity risk management and intraday liquidity monitoring, the solution captures transactions from any internal or external source to calculate global intraday positions and present actual and projected balances by any account or currency.

How FIS Empowers Liquidity Management

Discover a solution that helps you monitor risk in a rapidly changing liquidity landscape

Make More Confident Funding Decisions

Drill down into individual cash flows and project and track positions against limits

Optimize Liquidity

Proactively respond to liquidity issues or align to currency and account cutoffs by automating transfers

Maintain Compliance

Support calculations and assessments required by regulators under BCBS 248’s intraday liquidity management guidelines

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