FIS Operations Workflow Manager


Achieve Greater Control and Automation Over Your Operational Processes

FIS™ Operations Workflow Manager is a flexible web-based solution that applies workflow automation to paper operational control sheets. The result: distributed, automated processes with easy-to-read dashboards and sophisticated work allocation capabilities.

With a centralized view of all concurrent work streams, you can track progress against milestones, bringing a new level of management oversight and control to operational processes.

How FIS Empowers Workflow Automation

Achieve greater control with a centralized solution for workflow automation

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Control

Increase efficiency and shift your focus on urgent tasks by giving stakeholders real-time status and eliminating manual information gathering

Increase Automation and Flexibility

Leverage automated workflows in a flexible, centralized solution that can orchestrate the full life cycle of any operational process

Simplify and Customize

Turn complex work processes into manageable electronic control sheets and easy-to-read dashboards, giving clients a centralized view of all asset servicing activities in a customizable and user-friendly interface

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