Keep your card top-of-mind and at the top of their digital wallets

FIS® Digital Card Issuance™ offers secure, instant delivery of new or replacement card credentials to a secure mobile or UI application. Cardholders will appreciate the convenience. You’ll enjoy the interchange revenue that instant digital issuance drives.

On-demand card access

Give cardholders instant card purchasing power, with the same personal account number as the physical card.

Differentiated experience

Show why your card makes life a little easier.

Ensured security

Automatically order the physical card and restrict card-present transactions until it’s activated.

Revenue opportunities

Increase the chances that cardholders will activate your card and use it often.

Lower costs

Immediately issue cards securely, with no hardware investment.

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Our clients

Avidia Bank is first to market with FIS Digital Issuance

Avidia Bank, a Massachusetts-based community bank with $1.6 billion in assets, gives cardholders instant purchasing power.

Avidia prides itself on providing our customers with leading-edge technology that reduces complexity and makes their financial lives easier. With this new solution from FIS, our new card customers will now have immediate purchasing power.

Todd Wood AVP, Digital Banking at Avidia Bank


Three primary factors to adopt FIS Digital Issuance™

Cardholders won’t wait days to receive a new or replaced card in the mail. They’ll just move on to a different card.

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Which card issuance strategy is right for your financial institution?

How to decide if you need digital card issuance, instant digital issuance – or both.

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Why keep customers waiting?

Digital issuance dramatically slashes the time it takes to get cardholders activated, spending and generating new revenues.

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