Relationships can get stale. FIS PaymentsEdge brings them back to life.

PaymentsEdge card marketing finds the most promising parts of your portfolio and the weak spots that need attention – with full support from campaign creation to fulfillment. You’ll know exactly where to focus your credit card marketing efforts to convince cardholders to use your services, and their cards, more.

Just as cardholder behaviors change, so does your bank. What worked well a few years ago might not now. PaymentsEdge advisory services dig into your operations, technology and cardholder strategy. We’ll spot the processes and resources holding you back, so your bank runs better.

Our card portfolio marketing clients have seen:

6.25 %

Growth in average balances

4.21 %

Growth in average active accounts

1.71 %

Growth in account penetration

11.07 %

Growth in average interchange

Improve marketing ROI

End-to-end, fully customized campaigns that grow your revenue. Control your offers, lists and look and feel, and lean on calendars, fulfilment and tracking tools to see how campaigns are performing.

Identify growth opportunities

Find and target the areas of your portfolio that are ripe for revenue growth, along with those that are most vulnerable. Win new customers and persuade cardholders to transfer balances and use their cards more. Convince those in danger of leaving to stay.

Reduce operational inefficiency

Operational evaluations uncover hidden costs, unnecessary vendor contracts and back-office redundancies, so you can change for the better.

Optimize technology

Technology assessments make sure you’re using the right payment networks and tools based on the bank you are now and the one you aspire to be.

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Our clients

Aventa Credit Union Adds Revenue by Using FIS PaymentsEdge Card Marketing

Aventa has run eight campaigns using FIS PaymentsEdge, and its debit program has experienced consistent growth since using these campaigns. Its PIN and signature sales volume has grown by 7% year over year.

We use FIS’ PaymentsEdge Card Marketing a lot for low-usage cardholders. With FIS’ activation campaigns, we get responses. They keep me on track with a calendar I can follow. It makes my life a lot easier.

Karin Kovalovsky Vice president, Corporate Communications and Marketing at Aventa

Our clients

CB&S Bank Drives Cardholder Use, Interchange Revenue with Targeted Campaigns

CB&S has grown revenues among low-usage groups and has seen a lift in transactions per card since it began using FIS PaymentsEdge in 2018. Having executed nine campaigns using PaymentsEdge, the average return on its campaign investment has been 326% since 2019.

FIS was the best choice for CB&S Bank to meet its portfolio goals and objectives.

Dawn Cherry First vice president at CB&S Bank

Our clients

Cessna Employees Credit Union (CECU) Soars With New Credit Card Program

Since launching its card program two years ago, CECU has reached nearly 7% penetration and generated more than $3 million in balances with its card.

The marketing promotions have been essential in helping us continue to build awareness for our card product. This allows us to customize each promotion so that we can tailor the offer, look and the feel of the creative material.

Kevin Wilmouth Vice president of Lending at Cessna Employees Credit Union


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