Streamlined reinsurance solutions to manage high-volume, complex operations

Contracts have evolved, increasing in complexity and quantity, causing insurers to rely more heavily on sound reinsurance strategies. Without an automated and auditable reinsurance infrastructure, insurers are ill-equipped to create workflow efficiencies, deepen their analytics and provide standardization and uniformity of information.

FIS® Reinsurance Manager is a source-independent reinsurance system that enables you to benefit from FIS’ expertise and experience regardless of your policy and claims administration system. Scalable for any size insurance operation, this powerful solution helps improve the efficiency and transparency of reinsurance operations.

Increase operational efficiency

Enable your reinsurance resources to be more productive with a streamlined and scalable solution.

Automate reinsurance system

Leverage an automated solution to reduce the reliance on spreadsheets or legacy systems.

Enhance auditability of reinsurance system

Run secure, auditable and repeatable reinsurance operations with a single, centralized solution.

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Insights on Reinsurance solutions

Reinsurance system questions? Find answers here.

An FIS expert addresses common concerns and sheds light on how managed cloud services can simplify your complex systems.

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Reinsurance Manager case study

When a Fortune 500 firm completed an acquisition, they turned to FIS for the technology needed to onboard the new business smoothly and quickly.

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Product details for reinsurance system

As ceded contracts increase in quantity and complexity, calculating and tracking reinsurance efficiently is tough without a centralized solution.

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A powerful collaboration

Majesco and FIS team up to help insurers manage complexity, maximize recoverables, prevent claims leakage and gain insight into risk.

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