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Smarter Operations for Securities Lending

To make profitable securities lending and borrowing decisions, you need the most up-to-date securities finance data and the ability to quickly and accurately analyze it. FIS® Securities Finance Market Data provides a complete set of market information solutions for the global securities financing industry.

The solution offers intraday global securities lending data, analytics and benchmarking tools for trading, performance measurement and program management, creating greater transparency for financial institutions involved in investment management and securities lending and borrowing.

FIS Can Help

Harness the power of intraday data

Provides a Unique Level of Transparency

Gives you true clarity and transparency into the securities finance market

Delivers Global Data

Access intraday data on securities lending activity across the globe

Optimizes Trades

Enables you to price accurately, re-rate effectively and optimize your trades

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FIS® Securities Finance Market Data is a browser-based market information service for securities lending professionals that provides an unprecedented level of transparency to the market

Updates 24 hours a day for the most current securities lending data
Provides graphical representations for quick data interpretations
Achieves sub-second response times to crucial pre-trade queries
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FIS® Short-Side Market Data provides short selling market intelligence via securities lending analytics to investment management professionals.

Delivers relevant data regarding the short side of the market
Updated with real-time securities lending information 24 hours a day
Displays graphs and tables that are easy to interpret and manipulate
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FIS® Securities Finance Benchmark Analyzer offers on demand reporting and analytics, giving you independent insights into the performance of your securities lending program.

Gives you critical analytics to satisfy regulators
Enables meaningful discussions with your provider
Saves time and effort while reducing risk and cost through automation
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