FIS Securities Finance Trading Manager

Formerly Apex Securities Finance

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Manage the entire range of repo, securities borrowing and securities lending requirements

FIS® Securities Finance Trading Manager (formerly Apex Securities Finance) helps you achieve greater transparency, efficiency and automation in an evolving marketplace.

Our solutions provide a consolidated platform, incorporating trading, inventory and operations. Securities Finance Trading Manager supports principal, agency or hybrid securities finance models for the entire range of treasury, delta one, repo, securities lending and securities borrowing.

How FIS Empowers Securities Finance

Enhance efficiency by actively managing your global positions on a real-time basis

Flexible and Complete Trade Life Cycle Management

A highly configurable and customizable workflow to manage trades, movements and instructions throughout the full trade life cycle

Powerful Real-time Positions Management and Trade Capture

A fast, reliable and scalable architecture that aggregates global trading activity in real time

Streamlined Settlement and Instruction Processing

Control the costs of your securities finance and repo business with efficient trade settlement

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