A holistic approach to managing card fraud, compliance and risk

Mount a unified attack on card fraud with a comprehensive, AI-powered toolset available in two packages. FIS® SecurLOCK™ Premium optimizes fraud detection based on intelligence from 75B transactions processed annually, resulting in higher detection rates and lower losses. Options include a compromised card detection tool and chargeback processing. The FIS SecurLOCK 360 package, a fully managed fraud protection program, also includes financial reimbursement in the unlikely event of fraud loss.

With account takeover (ATO) representing two-thirds of all existing account fraud, both packages include near-real-time account management alerts that let customers know an attempt is in progress. This feature reduces time to detection, minimizing potential losses by as much as 10 times.

Account takeover fraud can mean big losses


Total ATO cost 2022

10.6 hours

Resolution time

$ 2 K

Mean ATO fraud amount

4.5 M

Total U.S. adults victimized

Source: Javelin, 2023 Identity Fraud Study, March 2023

Stop fraud on the first attempt

Our real-time transactional monitoring identifies and mitigates fraud with speed and accuracy.

Thwart account takeover fraud

Customers receive alerts when account changes are requested, with accounts blocked when ATO is detected.

Grow your e-commerce business

Shift the focus from how to protect your institution and its cardholders to how to expand your portfolio.

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Digital Convergence and Fraud: Connecting the Dots

This report by Javelin Strategy & Research explores the risk banks are experiencing as consumers adopt new technology and social media.

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Gain visibility of your enterprise compliance and risk profile and provide actionable insights to help lower risk and stay compliant.