Grow Your Business With A Digitally Enabled, Data-Driven Wealth Management Software

FIS® Unity offers a seamless, omnichannel user experience to front and middle-office wealth providers, as well as high net worth and institutional investors.

It delivers a 360° view of household accounts for the wealth advisor and investor, supporting more personalized engagements.

The single platform, with strong data analytics and workflow, enables you to improve efficiencies and focus on value-added activities.

Deliver personalized, frictionless experiences

Create an immersive digital experience across user channels to attract and retain the next generation of investors.

Take a proactive approach to investors' needs

Through the power of technology and data, Unity delivers predictive analytics and business intelligence to keep you one step ahead.

Achieve new revenue growth

Unity helps you streamline workflows, reduce technology costs, increase cross-selling opportunities and win new accounts.

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Developer resources

Customize For Your Wealth Management Needs

Access every category of APIs through Code Connect, so you can enhance any solution.

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Discover the unity ecosystem

Powered by data, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and API integrations, Unity delivers an end-to-end solution presented in a single view and accessible across multiple channels.

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Unity client insights

Data needs to be readily available to make informed wealth management decisions. Unity Client Insights provides a 360° view of clients’ households to help make those decisions.

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