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Achieve insurance solution integration and process automation

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Streamline insurance operations with insurance workflow automation software

FIS® Workflow Manager (formerly Macess) is an insurance business process management and enterprise content management solution built to meet the complex needs of the world’s health, life, and property and casualty insurers.

Workflow Manager helps connect and streamline operations, enabling insurers to optimize systems and processes while ensuring accuracy and transparency using streamlined insurance workflow automation. The result is new levels of efficiency, improved service levels and accelerated business growth.

How FIS is revolutionizing insurance business process management

Improve key processes across the insurance organization

Break Down Barriers

Banish silos, manual workarounds, inaccurate or incomplete data with an integrated insurance workflow

Optimize Core Processes

Automate core insurance business process management to achieve compliance and avoid penalties

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Lower costs and increase customer satisfaction by improving turnaround times and streamlining communication

FAQs about insurance automation

What is insurance automation?

Today, automation is helping many business sectors serve their customers faster and more effectively by streamlining and simplifying time-consuming processes. Insurance is no exception. Software automation for insurance allows tasks such as sending and filing paperwork, extracting data, billing and performing the underwriting process to be accomplished more efficiently and with more attention on the client.

What are the benefits of insurance workflow automation?

In addition to resolving tasks quickly and more accurately, insurance workflow automation helps to:

  • Cut costs with more efficient task completion – so more time and resources can be spent on more profitable expenditures.
  • Drive sales with better accuracy and less human error while revealing valuable insights to generate and validate hypotheses.
  • Strengthen client relationships with a more streamlined, more customer-focused experience that ensures prompt responses and reliable service, helping give you a clearer picture of who your clients are.

What are the best practices for insurance business process management?

Optimizing your insurance functions with business process management can save you significant time and money. If those resources are of the essence to your insurance company, best to get started right away. Here’s how you can begin to invest with and implement business process management.

  1. Get automated
    By embracing automation software and losing those legacy systems, you’ll streamline your day-to-day functions, allowing for greater focus on more significant matters.
  2. Go digital
    As the world makes a digital transformation, digitization will be essential. Meet your clients where they already are – on digital devices and apps – and speed up the steps by eliminating slower, paper-dependent processes.
  3. Use user-friendly
    Understanding how your clients use your workflow platform can go a long way toward a better customer experience. Giving them a more intuitive interface can help increase their ease of engagement and ability to navigate necessary functions.
  4. Focus on the fundamentals
    Optimizing customer convenience is key with business process management. By implementing easy access and a faster onboarding and claims process, you’ll be increasing your focus where it matters most – on your clients.

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