FraudChex ATO

Stop account takeover fraud before it occurs


The Account Takeover Protection Tool That Combats Financial Crime

FraudChex® ATO is an account takeover prevention tool that verifies customer address, phone number, IP and email changes, to protect your institution and customers from this increasingly popular form of financial crime.

FraudChex ATO defends your institution against current and emerging fraud schemes and features an alert management system that centralizes fraud mitigation activities for streamlined investigation.

With this account takeover fraud solution, you’ll reduce the amount of time and money you stand to lose by falling prey to financial crime, and ensure that your customers won’t experience service interruptions when they do make legitimate changes to their information.

Chex Systems, Inc. (herein “ChexSystems”) is a consumer reporting agency and an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of FIS and the provider of FraudChex service, a non-FCRA service.

How ChexSystems Empowers You Against Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover protection that reduces loss and increases efficiency without negative customer impact

Reduce Losses Due to Fraudulent Accounts

Identify suspicious behavior using predictive models and business rules that you define

Improve the Efficiency of Investigations

Increase investigator productivity with tools that let them focus on the riskiest items

Reduce the Potential for Customer Friction

Intervene and perform additional validation steps upon detection of changes that represent unacceptable risk

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