A sophisticated system and portal that enables your customers to manage their FX payments and trades

Today’s foreign exchange environment is fiercely competitive. This means banks must deliver the best possible FX payments and trading experiences to their corporate clients, manage FX risk effectively and streamline processing to maintain and grow their client base.

FIS® Global FX is a sophisticated FX system with an external portal that enables your customers and entities, including branches and web channels, to manage their FX trades. Global FX integrates with central treasury, core banking systems and liquidity platforms to reduce risk, streamline communications and increase operational efficiency.

Help clients manage FX trades

Managing FX risk effectively is crucial to maintaining and growing a loyal client base and defending off competition.

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Offer FX trading and payments

Offer FX trading and payments to customers and branches, with views and permissions configured to each customer.

Manage incoming rate feeds

Manage multiple incoming rate feeds to provide your customers with the best rates possible.

Manage auto-hedging

Manage FX risk by a trading desk or immediately auto-hedge in the market for a risk-free FX offering.

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3 opportunities for FX success

Keep your clients sticky by offering them better rates, enhanced FX functionality and an easy-to-use, modern FX system.

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