• FIS Global Inventory and Optimization Platform

Optimized global inventory that’s accessible in real time across treasury, securities finance and collateral management

When data is stored across many decentralized systems, it’s tough to track the sources and uses of inventory. The FIS® Global Inventory and Optimization platform is a collateral management system that eliminates the obstacles that prevent you from optimizing allocation and managing the cost of collateral.

This cloud-native collateral management solution aggregates sources and uses of inventory and provides a real-time view. Equipped with the latest trading and settlement information, you’ll be better positioned to maximize your portfolio and minimize the balance sheet impact of securities allocations across business lines.

Optimize your global inventory

Aggregate your inventory sources in real time and optimize its use for your specific needs.

Reduce your collateral costs

Minimize opportunity and balance sheet costs of collateral allocations and free up high-quality liquid assets.

Maximize your trading revenues

Rely on the latest trading and settlement information so you can make the most of your inventory.

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Centralize. Automate. Optimize.

Remove the obstacles that are preventing you from consolidating inventory, adding revenue and connecting to the market.

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A consolidated view plus reduced costs

This Tier 1 client is positioned to simplify managing liquidity and collateral and greatly impact traders’ ability to maximize securities lending returns.

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