• FIS Integrated Invoice-to-Pay

Automates invoice receipt, routing, approval and payment execution with one solution

Traditional invoice processing methods are manual, error-prone and time-consuming, leading to payment errors and fraud risk. It’s time to speed up your AP processes with automation. 

Because cross-checking invoices and payments is a lot less work when it automatically happens without you

FIS® Integrated Invoice-to-Pay automates accounts payable processes and empowers your customers with new cash management capabilities and revenue-generating opportunities. This fully scalable, secure, end-to-end AP automation and payment solution supports customized accounts payable workflows and controls, providing faster invoicing cycle time and significant cost savings.


Incomparable speed

Invoices, captured in any format, are accelerated through the review, approval, reporting, archiving and execution processes based on your customized workflows.

Unparalleled flexibility

Based on one-connection, single-access design, a single payment file sent through our network gives access to more than 2.5 million suppliers and multiple payment options.

Unsurpassed cost efficiency

Integrated with 250+ ERPs and financial systems, this SaaS-based solution enables you to manage spend, mitigate financial risk and reduce operational costs.

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Restaurant technology addresses pressing industry issues

Outsourcing back-office operations with an integrated solution that automates and streamlines the payables process helps eateries solve big challenges.

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Your secret weapon for optimizing business payments

An FIS business payments executive explores the big impact digitization has had on how businesses pay for items and what they can do to improve.

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Yes, you can do more with less

An integrated invoice-to-pay solution provides three key benefits that bring welcome relief to staff and budgets that are stretched too thin.

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