Managed cybersecurity services that provide multilayered data security in a complete, homogenous platform

Given the recent rise in cyberattacks, organizations are recognizing the urgent need to prioritize cybersecurity to protect themselves and their customers from potentially extreme financial and reputational damage. FIS® Managed Cybersecurity brings together a range of powerful, coordinated services that enable you to stay ahead of ever-changing cyberthreats.

This fully managed cybersecurity solution suite uses the same tools, processes and expert staff that we use to protect ourselves, in turn ensuring your cybersecurity posture is always at its best. We also implement rigorous, consistent testing to ensure our offerings remain current with all regulatory requirements. That’s the true power of FIS-grade security.

Threat intelligence and response

FIS has the most up-to-date intelligence, enabling us to scrutinize and inspect every aspect of cybersecurity.

Patch management

FIS enables proactive threat management by automating the collection and delivery of patches throughout your enterprise.

Vulnerability management

FIS directly and continuously addresses the evolving mandates and key controls defined by the financial industry’s regulatory bodies.

Firewall and IPS management

Our Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) inspects network traffic for suspicious activity and prevents malicious attacks.

Email security and encryption

FIS provides a gateway email solution that protects against email-transported threats such as spam, phishing and malware.

Web security

Our web security solution blocks advanced and targeted threats with multilayer malware analysis and heuristics.

Reputational management

FIS proactively scans domains and tracks clients’ webpages for malicious content changes and possible defacement.

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Client story

S&T Bank

S&T Bank can rest easy knowing their IT environment is secured and managed by the same FIS-grade security tools, expert staff and best practice processes used to manage and protect the world’s economy.

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Scaling up your security

Provide your customers with peace of mind by extending the same rigorous protection used to secure FIS systems to your business.

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10 keys to IT success

Keeping up with constant change and increasing complexity is challenging, but together we’ll zero in on the right strategy for you.

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Remove IT as a barrier

As an extension of your IT team, we remove the daily hurdles so you can focus on your customers and business growth.

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Ransomware relief

With cybercriminals netting a cool $700M last year, new tools and top experts stand ready to help you avoid becoming one of the victims.

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Surviving the ‘big quit’

With employees resigning from their IT, risk, security and other jobs in droves, technology modernization and innovation is essential.

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Staying vigilant

An extended detection and response solution is one of the most effective ways to proactively defend your organization against escalating cyberattacks.

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