The flexible foundation that enables instant payments using a modular managed approach to modernization

As the world becomes more digital and mobile, established payment systems have a hard time adjusting to real-time consumer and business expectations due to their lack of flexibility. Consumers are looking for a cashless funds experience in terms of speed and ease of use.

FIS® Open Payment Framework (OPF) is an ISO 20022-based foundation built for real-time and batch payments that provides common, reusable services comprising a comprehensive data model, choreographed payment business processes and configurable services. With OPF, you can add an array of pre-built payment modules that easily plug in to quickly deliver solutions for high-value domestic, instant, batch and international payments. FIS’ solutions support all payments needs, including FedNow, TCH RTP, ACH, SWIFT, FedWire and other global payment networks.

As a SWIFT certified solution, it is the perfect fit to natively process your high-value domestic and international payments in ISO 20022. The built-in SWIFT gpi functionality makes processing your payments fast, transparent and trackable throughout the end-to-end payment flow.

A flexible foundation that’s built to last

Seamlessly integrate OPF with your core system, then add pre-built modules as you need them to construct your own tailored solution.

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Keep costs in check while protecting previous investments and avoiding system and process disruptions.


Lower TCO and risk with a phased implementation that lets you keep pace in a controlled manner.

Long-term vision

Ensure that your payments technology is future-proof and aligned to your current and future strategies.

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Faster, smarter and better

Leverage U.S. RTP and FedNow instant services to create the experience customers expect from a modern financial services organization.

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Move money anywhere, anytime, in real-time

Financial institutions of all sizes are taking advantage of real-time payment capabilities to create or enhance their digital services.

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Flexible, scalable and reliable

Provide your business the flexibility it needs to meet both current and future ACH receiving and origination needs.

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