Trust accounting solutions that upsize client features and downsize barriers for growth

FIS® Trust Accounting solutions have everything you’ve been waiting for: advanced automation, a wide range of transaction support, real-time processing, regulatory reporting and the scalability you need for tomorrow.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right trust accounting software for you – one that ensures accurate data and recordkeeping, enables the support of multiple business lines and helps you accomplish your operational goals more efficiently.

Real-time access to information

Speed your way to the data you need for world‑class servicing through a standard desktop browser.

Multiple business lines and global needs

Support private banking, personal trust and institutional trust, all with controlled access to sensitive data.

Automate your cash management

Experience highly flexible and integrated cash management for maximized investment income.

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Trust Accounting platforms

Tailored trust accounting solutions for strategic operations

Choose trust accounting and asset management solutions that effectively align with your operational goals, enhancing client features, reducing growth barriers and delivering real-time, scalable and automated support.

  • Seamless, efficient and tailored trust accounting for asset management

    Experience modern asset management at your fingertips. With high-speed access, enhanced security, efficient trade processing and full scalability, AddVantage is the smart blend of information technology and FIS expertise, tailored to your requirements.

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  • Simplified, optimized and secure trust accounting and investment management

    Streamline your trust accounting and investment management with a robust solution that grows client relationships, simplifies complex systems and optimizes operations. Charlotte provides real-time data management, automatic system upgrades, robust security and effortless adaptability.

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  • Scalable and flexible asset management and custody

    Discover the advantage of real-time, multilingual and multicurrency portfolio accounting and custody. Offering expansive features and advanced automation, Global Plus delivers efficient operational goals, enabling business expansion, new product launches and seamless mergers.

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More products for you

Manage portfolios anywhere, anytime to amp your performance and move real-time data quickly and accurately throughout the entire investment process.

Upgrade to a seamless user experience that delivers a 360-degree view of household accounts for the advisor and client and supports more collaborative engagements.

Running your business is not the same as growing it, but we can bring you a nimble operating model that lets you turn your attention back to your future goals.