Lead the future of your business with debit card analytics at your fingertips.


Debit Data Pack

Use with:

Optimize your debit portfolio with a unified view of data

Get instant access to your debit card data, right down to account-level detail. Grow your portfolio value with active management of operational efficiencies, program costs and revenue. Ethos™ Debit Data Pack equips you with powerful analytics of your debit card transaction data, allowing you to see trends and patterns that lead you to decisive action.

Data packs are distinct sets of unified data that work with Ethos™ Analytics to provide dynamic dashboards and visualizations for a comprehensive data analytics toolkit.


Experience the power of unified debit card data

Data card analytics made easy

  • Get 12 pre-built KPIs with trend views on the executive dashboard
  • Visit up to three years of history for any KPI 
  • Drill-downs and account-level detail provide in-depth analysis of any KPI
  • Nightly updates provide up-to-date data

Grow your debit portfolio

  • Proactively manage operational efficiencies and program costs
  • Optimize strategies using data to understand behavior and preferences
  • Strengthen relationships by increasing customer lifetime value
  • Manage risk of attrition with personalization via targeted marketing efforts

KPIs tailored for debit

  • Accurately project revenue with actual signature and PIN card data where available
  • Identify excessive decline rates that may be disrupting your customers’ experience
  • Increase loyalty with greater insights into areas of customer debit card usage

Data Pack Highlights

The Debit Data Pack is a defined data set exported out of the debit card processing platforms EFT Services Brown Deer, EFT Services New Berlin and Debit Card Processing.

Designed by experts

KPIs and intuitive visualizations designed by experts help you instantly understand trends and refine and improve your debit portfolio’s profitability

Analytics made accessible

Single analytics tool provides access to data insights to multiple user personas, ranging from business executive to program manager to data analyst

Robust reporting features

Create ad hoc reporting for strategic planning and operations. Schedule recurring automatic delivery of reports and data files