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June 30, 2019

Worldpay saves Caribbean Airlines £1m+ in operational costs

When Caribbean Airlines partnered with Worldpay to optimize operations, reduce chargebacks, and improve payments to reach more customers, the results were nearly unbelievable. The flag carrier of Trinidad and Tobago experienced an 8-10% increase in global acceptance rates, a 50% decrease in fraud ratios, and £1+million in savings. 

Here's how we did it... 

Redefining processes 

Worldpay held payment optimisation workshops at Caribbean Airlines headquarters to understand their challenges and help implement best practices for more efficient fraud management. 

Best in class tools 

Caribbean Airlines uses Worldpay’s real-time dispute management dashboard - a tool that allows them to organise and prioritise their chargeback workflow. This means all of their teams can manage chargeback workflow internationally, across all time zones, in real time. 

Efficient fraud prevention 

Worldpay’s dedicated airline chargeback team defends Caribbean Airlines against a large number of chargebacks even before they reach the airline’s fraud team. 

A trusted advisor 

In addition to seamless payment processing and chargeback management, Worldpay supports Caribbean Airlines with real time data analytics packed with actionable insights to help them make clear decisions and optimise operations. 

Sector knowledge 

As a payment partner with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Worldpay ‘s expertise is helping Caribbean Airlines to make the right choices as it grows. 

Expansion of services 

Another of Caribbean Airlines’ challenges was to take airport point of sale payments for cargo transport in the United States. Worldpay centralised this facility and opened new revenue channels for Caribbean Airlines by making this a reality via the Worldpay US teams, based in San Francisco.


Worldpay are a trusted advisor and partner to Caribbean Airlines. They provide industry expertise, experience and fresh ideas which add value and deliver financial benefits to support our objective to manage costs and grow our business.
Head of Payments at Caribbean Airlines

Estudo de caso

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