Bring your data to life with an advanced customer data platform for financial services that enables you to track the mission-critical metrics most relevant to your business.


Harness the power of your data

Better understand your customers

Know your risk footprint

Many financial institutions are rich in data but lack the resources required to unify that data across data sets and analyze it holistically to create meaningful insights and actionable strategies.

You can learn a great deal about your customers by understanding their behavior and preferences. With powerful dashboards and models created by industry experts, you’re able to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Insights derived from key fraud metrics are vital to reducing risk. Those who actively track performance metrics related to authorizations, alerts, real-time declines and transactions marked “confirmed fraud” stand to benefit.

How we help

Delve into your data with a powerful set of tools

Ethos™ Analytics from FIS® takes the complexity out of financial data management and simplifies it with intuitive, user-friendly dashboards that make data insights crystal clear.

Best-in-class analytics that keep you engaged

Ethos Analytics helps you quickly understand how you need to engage with customers so you remain engaged when it matters.

Comprehensive data access all in one place

Slice, dice and query financial data sets all within the Ethos ecosystem in a turnkey fashion, and quickly scale as new packs become available.

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Credit solutions
Debit solutions

FIS Credit Data Pack

Intuitively explore your credit card data with enhanced insights

Credit Data Pack offers unprecedented access to your institution’s credit card portfolio.

With drill-downs to account-level details on underlying data, Credit Data Pack enables you to develop a better understanding of card activity, recognize revenue and growth opportunities and easily mitigate losses with risk management.

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FIS Fraud Data Pack

Securely manage and reduce the cost of fraud to better serve your customers

Fraud Data Pack empowers your institution to actively monitor performance credit and debit fraud with insights derived from key fraud metrics.

Your customers reap the benefits of faster response times to lost and stolen cards, account takeover or false-positive declines while you improve customer confidence and build real loyalty for your business.

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FIS Loyalty Data Pack

Interact with customers intelligently with data-powered insights

Insights from data are crucial when it comes to interpreting and delivering on your customer’s evolving expectations.

Loyalty Data Pack provides access to easy-to-use KPI dashboards built on the most critical metrics needed to instantly spot trends, quickly answer business questions and understand your customers’ behavior and preferences.


FIS Debit Data Pack

Optimize and grow your debit portfolio with analytics at your disposal

Debit Data Pack gives you instant access to oversee and manage your debit card portfolio performance down to account-level details.

With analytics readily available, you can instantly access and manage KPIs, such as actual interchange, to refine and improve your debit portfolio’s profitability.


Deep dive into data intelligence

Empower your business with insightful resources and innovative ideas. Determine and plan your next steps with key details about Ethos Analytics.


Unlock the power of data


What if your teams had access to the data needed to make informed decisions without taking them away from their daily commitments to customers?

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Set your team up for success


Maximize your investment right away with in-depth training and customized workshops using your team and your Ethos data packs.

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Engage with your customers like never before with Ethos Analytics

Enhance relationships

Make better decisions for your customers by understanding their spending, transactions and loyalty trends.

Connect the dots

Locate areas based on proven behavior and expectations where investment is needed to meet customer demands.

Maximize engagement

Uncover new insights into customer relationships to highlight opportunities, drill down into the data and export reports.

Minimize friction

Quickly expose outliers, such as fraud events, and mitigate the issue while minimizing customer friction.


Ethos Analytics makes it easier to solve your most complex problems.

Identify new opportunities

Leverage pre-built dashboards and metrics that let you quickly spot KPI trends and easily click through to account-level detail.

Customize existing reports

Create your own standard and custom value-added graphs, charts and other visualizations that address the unique needs of your institution.

Build trust in your data

Ensure that your data is ethically managed and secure by tightly integrating with Ethos governance tools and services.

Make it easy to access

Enable users of any skill level to drill down into granular reporting for an unprecedented view of customer and account activity.