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COVID-19 Is Rapidly Reshaping Consumer Banking and Payments Behaviors

FIS conducts 2020 PACE Research that shows the impact of COVID-19 and the acceleration of digital banking for consumers.

"The impact of COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated trends that we have been seeing for years in terms of banking and digital payments. Once consumers begin using convenient new digital services, few tend to go back to their old habits, so we expect this to be the new normal going forward. We are now further along on our path towards becoming a cashless society in the U.S., and perhaps looking at the end of the paper check altogether. Now is the time for banks and merchants to be reassessing customer experiences."

Mladen Vladic
General Manager, Loyalty, FIS

FIS will be hosting a webinar to share further insights on the survey findings on June 24th at 2PM EST. Please register here for the session.


Instant Lending. Instant Relief

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Solutions & insights for our clients

ChexSystems Natural Disaster Closure Reason Code: Accurate Reporting for Account Closures

The new Natural Disaster Closure Reason Code (ND) is defined as “involuntarily closed due to financial hardship caused by natural disaster.” It is appropriate to use this code if the involuntary closure was caused by job loss, illness, injury, unplanned expenses or other financial strain experienced as a result of a natural disaster, such as a pandemic, hurricane, flood, etc.

Avidia Bank Drives Efficiency And Ease With FIS Onboarding Tool

Avidia Bank quickly addressed a surge in small business lending with the IBS Self-Service Onboarding Tool. The FIS technology saved weeks of their loan operation’s staff time automating the boarding of over 1,300 loans.

CARES Act Retirement Plan Provisions

As individuals cope with the economic impact of COVID-19, the CARES Act helps them to rapidly access their retirement savings. Since many of the retirement provisions in the Act are available for a short period of time, retirement service providers and plan sponsors may need to act quickly. Get the details on what you need to know.

Automated Loan Forgiveness

Business are looking to financial institutions to help them with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness. Automate this complex process with a trusted SBA lending platform through FIS.

Instant Lending. Instant Relief.

The CARES Act Payment Protection Program (PPP) is designed to provide relief to businesses quickly. Are you prepared to deliver?

Managed Risk Services

Security is vital to your business especially during uncertain times. You need a secure and scalable outsourced managed IT partner. We’ll help you create more than 20 layers of protection giving you peace of mind.

Digital issuance & tokenization

In today’s world, your cardholders want solutions on-demand and likely need them even more during these unprecedented times. FIS™ Digital Issuance solution provides that immediacy, allowing the cardholder to provision the card immediately into a mobile wallet. And we help you fight fraud with digital card reissue if a card is ever compromised.

Security, compliance and risk solutions

Card fraud is evolving and rising as consumer spending online increases. Leverage FIS SecurLOCK solutions to enable a holistic approach to managing fraud, compliance, and risk. We connect merchant and issuer data to deliver proactive fraud mitigation that enhances the cardholder experience utilizing over 75 billion issuer and merchant transactions for unmatched visibility, servicing, and protection.


Most companies are in uncharted territory with moving their workforce to remote operations. It’s not an easy task when planned properly, let alone during this challenging time. The FIS EPICTM "Enterprise Productivity, Intelligence & Compliance" platform can help.

Core On DemandTM

Traditional banks are facing pressure to gain liquidity and grow digitally. Build a case for bringing a direct banking strategy to your institution. Learn how FIS Core on Demand can be implemented in as little as 90 days.

Contactless, frictionless and a more hygienic form of payment

In a contactless payment transaction, the consumer holds a contactless payment card, mobile device or wearable closely (less than 2-4 inches) to the merchant POS terminal and the payment account information is communicated via Near Field Communication (NFC) or Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology. An ideal option for your customers today.

Driving Loyalty in a new landscape

Now more than ever, loyalty to your financial institution is critical. Not only does your competition include other financial institutions, but retailers are now offering bank accounts for their customers. To stay ahead of this evolving landscape you need to have the right partner that can deliver strategy, expertise and technology to increase ways to reward, attract and retain account holders.

For more information please call 1-800-822-6758 or email

Prepaid Solutions

Pay Card for businesses that are offering remote work options, implementing other social distancing protocols or experiencing interruptions in regular business operations, paying people by check may have become more difficult or even impossible. Likewise, check cashing creates similar exposure for your employees.

  • Alternatives like pay card can provide more flexibility and reliability for both employers and employees
  • Direct integration into your existing direct deposit/payroll platform
  • No cost to employer or employee
  • Quick access to wages

Integrated Payables: Remote Check Processing

Today’s remote work force environment has created a gap in how businesses pay. Your employees can’t conduct payable activities used to which now requires a simple, secure process with a trusted partner for remote check printing.

  • Fast implementations.
  • Simple portal access to upload files.
  • FIS does the rest.

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For more information please call 1-800-822-6758 or email

Learn how American River Bank utilized Managed IT

Hear from the COO of American River Bank on how working with FIS to manage their IT needs has enabled the bank to focus on customer engagement and operational effectiveness using secure, scalable systems from FIS.



We have received reports of businesses being contacted by callers claiming to be representatives of a merchant services provider. These callers are telling merchants that their current provider is shutting down due to the COVID-19 situation. They proceed to tell the merchant they need to switch processors to continue accepting electronic payments.

If your business is targeted, please know that this is part of a scam and not legitimate. Worldpay will continue to be your trusted partner and support your payment processing needs.