Private Banking Software

Private Banking Solutions for a New Global Environment

As global, local and cross-border compliance requirements increase and profitability declines, banks must change their business models radically to survive. FIS™’ advanced private banking software, the Ambit Apsys core banking solution, can help you adapt to the evolving global landscape, improve client service, gain efficiencies, control costs and manage regulatory complexity.

  • Improve customer relationships by viewing a 360-degree picture of your business and those you serve.
  • Identify sales opportunities, offer customers the most suitable products and interact with them over multiple channels.
  • Empower your investment managers with wealth management solutions to provide specialized, tailored investment advice.
  • Contain operational costs while keeping a close eye on risk and exposure.
  • Gain peace of mind with multiple security layers, audit trail features and active anti-money laundering.

Client Information Management

Improve Service and Compliance with Private Banking Software

FIS 	Client Information Management Solutions

Delivering superior, tailored service requires you to constantly learn about your customers, which often means accessing multiple systems. Through sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools and private banking software, the Ambit Client Information Management (CIM) solution can provide a single source of truth and “golden” copy of your customer data.

  • Consolidate customer information from disparate private banking solutions and systems so you can improve service, gain efficiencies and achieve compliance.
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of maintaining redundant data.
  • Manage the data required to comply with global, cross-border and local regulations.
  • More effectively manage the customer life cycle with a single CRM tool, from opportunity management and onboarding to targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Improve your marketing reach with comprehensive customer profile data that enables caller recognition, direct dialing and directory tools.
  • Minimize operational risk with change tracking and audit trailing, the “four eyes principle,” and approval and validation processes.

Workspace Management

Eliminate Inefficiencies that Hinder Customer Service

Private bankers have to access a multitude of private banking software and investment management solutions, each of which may have its own log-in process and user interface. Ambit Workspace Manager enables you to carry out your activities more efficiently with a single sign-on process and one user-friendly interface.

  • Gain efficiency by organizing all tasks within one environment, with instant visibility into the back-end private banking solutions that support those activities.
  • Give customer-facing staff a single view of client information from any number of private banking software applications.
  • Enable risk teams to simultaneously monitor compliance across a range of private banking solutions.
  • Improve customer service and productivity with a 360-degree view of the relationship.
  • Unlock intellectual property that resides in silos and reuse content from multiple sources.
FIS Workforce Management Solutions