Treasury & Cash Management Solutions

Acquire and Retain Commercial Customers

As your business customers manage the constant influx and outflow of funds, they need a complete suite of solutions designed around how they do business. FIS™’ treasury and cash management offerings can help financial institutions acquire and retain more customers, cost-effectively compete, keep up with escalating change, implement revenue-generating applications and effectively manage financial risk.

  • Facilitate complex payments and receivables from commercial customers.
  • Service retail customers more efficiently with gift and prepaid cards, bill presentment, invoice and statement production, retail lockbox and more.
  • Maximize distribution channel effectiveness for corporate stores and offices.
  • Improve employee loyalty while managing costs.
  • Strengthen vendor relationships and payment processes.
  • Optimize financial institution relationships.

Treasury and cash management services are available on a licensed or outsourced basis, including check imaging, biller, print and mail, and remittance, ACH and a full complement of digital banking capabilities.

Account Analysis

Higher Fee Income and Improved Account Management

Your account analysis solution directly affects revenue generation, improves visibility into customer relationships and strengthens your competitive position. Extended Account Analysis (XAA) from FIS™ supports high-volume processing of all types of accounts, providing a total view of each commercial customer relationship and enabling what-if scenarios related to pricing, interest or earnings credit rates.

  • Maximize fee income by monitoring waived revenue.
  • Improve operational efficiency by eliminating manual recalculations and simplifying research and corrections.
  • Compete more effectively by establishing product and service mix, pricing and settlement options by region or groups of accounts.
  • Better manage commercial relationships by defining and managing appropriate exception pricing, calculating fees and earnings credits for the total relationship, and producing summary statements.

Cash Concentration

Strengthen Your Competitive Position and Brand Identity

Corporate and business customers with multiple locations need to easily and securely consolidate funds to manage and improve their daily cash position. CashExpress from FIS™ offers flexible deposit reporting options, robust management reporting capabilities and ACH processing parameters that enable financial institutions to tailor solutions for the simplest small businesses to the most complex corporations.

  • Profitably attract and retain large commercial customers.
  • Efficiently support a full complement of cash management solutions.
  • Minimize time to market for custom applications.
  • Enable corporate customers to save time and streamline concentration functions, provide greater visibility into liquidity and improve oversight of account activity.
FIS Cash Concentration Solutions

Corporate eBanking

All the Features Your Commercial Clients Need

With complex cash management needs, your commercial and small business clients need a robust eBanking solution that enables them to efficiently manage account information, initiate domestic and international monetary transactions, and maintain payment controls. Corporate eBanking, a digital business banking solution, enables your clients to proactively and dynamically service their customers while minimizing administrative activities.

  • Enables profitable differentiation through cost-effective customization and branding options
  • Provides a single platform from which you can service large corporate as well as small business customers
  • Incorporates best-of-class security and sustainability features

Electronic Data Interchange

Eliminate Manual Processing for Greater Efficiency

Reducing the administrative processes associated with payables and receivables activities can lower your costs, eliminate manual errors and enable you to reallocate resources. FIS™ offers robust translation services through the industry-leading VECTORsgi EDI software in a service bureau environment. These solutions handle all types of data and apply to the needs of most industries.

  • Translation and delivery services for incoming ACH translations, generating easily readable reports that can be delivered by secure email, web or FTP
  • EDI translation and delivery services for companies that send financial EDI information, translating documents to NACHA and other EDI documents (820, 831, 824, etc.)
  • EDI 822 statement format

Multibank Reporting and Data Interchange

Streamlined Aggregation of Multiple Banking Relationships

FIS Multibank Reporting and Data Interchange Solutions

Your larger commercial clients typically have multiple banking relationships, presenting them with the challenge of aggregating all balance and transaction information. The FIS™ Data Interchange solution automates and streamlines the collection and distribution of balance and detail information, including intraday information, so businesses can focus on the information itself rather than how to retrieve it.

  • Address the needs of even your most sophisticated clients.
  • Provide clients with improved automation and accurate, reliable data.
  • Generate a profitable new stream of revenue.
  • Minimize time to market.

Treasury and Risk Management for Banks

Rethink Your Treasury

As the bank’s treasurer, your core objectives are to manage assets and liabilities, ensure access to funding and liquidity, and reduce exposure to risk. FIS™ offers a centralized treasury management solution for cash management, liquidity, FX and more, with multiple asset classes commonly to help the bank manage its own treasury operations.

  • Implement your strategies in real time and with maximum efficiency, reacting to unexpected liquidity surpluses or shortages with confidence.
  • Enhance productivity by automating transaction flows with central hub architecture, increasing the level of automation and lowering cost per transaction.
  • Deliver flexibility across asset classes with extensive instrument coverage.
  • Improve risk management with a complete and accurate view of credit, market and operational exposure.
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing both the application and hardware support.
FIS Treasury for Banks Solutions

Wire Transfer

Safe, Secure, Compliant Wire Transfer Capabilities

Wire transfer activity accounts for a substantial proportion of your profitable commercial fee income. But this activity is watched closely by both regulators and fraudsters, so you need the right blend of expertise and technology. FIS eWire and FIS™ Global Funds Transfer are fully integrated solutions that automate and streamline the payment and telecommunication process.

  • Speed payment processing.
  • Attract new business without adding staff.
  • Reduce operational overhead.
  • Eliminate manual file-handling tasks.
  • Improve your customers’ payment experiences.
  • Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.