Database Engine Services

Rock Solid. Lightning Fast. Secure

GT.M is the database engine of choice for financial institutions worldwide, as well as healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and other industries. The engine scales up for the largest real-time core processing systems, yet has a small footprint that scales down for use in small clinics, virtual machines and software appliances.

  • Hierarchical associative memory (i.e., multidimensional array)
  • No restrictions on data types of indexes and content
  • Can impose any schema, dictionary or data organization
  • GT.M’s compiler for standard M (MUMPS) scripting language implements full support for ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions using optimistic concurrency control and software transactional memory (STM) that resolves common mismatches between databases and programming languages
  • Logical Multi-Site (LMS) application configurations provide unrivaled business continuity during unplanned and planned events, including upgrades that involve changes to application logic and schema
  • Download GT.M and read about our latest release, V6.3-003

Data Storage and Monitoring

Content- and Presentation-agnostic Storage of Monitoring Data

FIS Data Storage and Monitoring Solutions

Built on the massively scalable FIS GT.M database platform, InfoHub stores and retrieves time-varying data for general purpose monitoring and alert-generating applications. The solution has applications for computer system operational data, software infrastructure data, application data and readings from networks of sensors, such as those involved in environmental monitoring and building controls.

  • Stores numeric and symbolic data that can be broad (large numbers of sources) and deep (extended durations, frequently sampled)
  • Content agnostic, characterizing data only as a number or a string
  • Numbers can be up to 18 digits with a range of 1E 43 through 1E47.
  • Presentation agnostic, with a plugin architecture to access stored data. InfoHub comes with the reference implementation for the SNMP AgentX protocol.
  • Available under the same licenses as GT.M, with optional support on commercial terms with service levels
  • Download InfoHub

Application Development

A Proven Platform for Database Application Development

PIP, which provides an open source stack with superb throughput and functionality for extreme levels of business continuity, facilitates the development of transaction processing applications that require: support for Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable (ACID) transactions: performance and scalability for even the largest enterprises; and 24/7 continuity of business in the face of both unplanned outages and planned events such as upgrades.

  • A complete database management system: SQL engine; compiler for Profile Scripting Language (PSL); lightweight, object-oriented scripting language; JDBC driver; MTM communications monitor; two modern graphical IDEs.
  • Applications developed can be deployed on GT.M, Oracle and any implementation of M or SQL (currently tested and supported on GT.M and Oracle)
  • Provides a competitive relational/object-oriented application development and deployment capability
  • Excellent browser-based capability for ad hoc reporting (e.g., for business analysts conducting exploratory data analysis)
  • Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3
FIS Application Development Solutions