Wealth Management Software

Empowering Clients to Drive New Growth

To drive new growth, firms require flexible and scalable wealth management solutions to extend and enhance their current wealth market offerings. Offering wealth management technology and support solutions that enhance transparency, collaboration and consistency, FIS™ helps firms stand out by providing a better customer experience to attract, grow and nurture customer relationships.

  • Gain unparalleled control over your wealth management business model with the ability to select the deployment option and solution suite that best fits your business needs.
  • Accelerate growth by retaining and growing assets using dynamic investment and asset management and financial planning solutions.
  • Improve margins and efficiencies through deployable trust accounting software, wealth outsourcing and managed services.
  • Enhance or expand your overall wealth offering with additional trust, investment and wealth products and services available through Reliance Trust, an FIS company.

Asset Allocation

Effectively Customize Portfolios with Asset Allocation Software

Developing investment strategies that match a customer’s appetite for risk is critical to overall portfolio success and firm growth. FIS™ offers AllocationMaster, an asset allocation software solution within the WealthStation advisor suite, to help firms gain critical customer data to effectively identify, analyze and propose customized asset allocation models for their customers.

  • Enhance your offering with tailored portfolios that consider current allocations, asset mixes, financial goals and resources, and evaluated alternatives.
  • Minimize tax liability and create tax-efficient portfolios more effectively by factoring taxable and tax-deferred investments.
  • Optimize your value to customers using the actionable data presented by our asset allocation software solution.
  • More effectively manage the customer life cycle with a single CRM tool, from opportunity management and onboarding to targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Remain aligned with your customer management vision with customizable tools that enable you to easily navigate algorithms, generate forecasts, run simulation models and more.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Software for a Dynamic Customer Experience

Today’s savvy, on-the-go investor requires a financial planning experience that is simple yet dynamic. Offering a 360-degree financial view in an easy-to-understand format, WealthStation from FIS™ empowers advisors with financial planning software that helps them re-engage with existing customers, increase customer retention and acquire new customers to boost wallet share.

  • Benefit from flexible, goal-based financial planning software tools that deliver everything from a quick, actionable plan to a detailed financial plan that covers multiple concepts.
  • Identify and quantify customer goals and resources, tailoring a realistic, tax-efficient diversified plan.
  • Optimize your value to customers using the actionable data presented by our asset allocation software solution.
  • Increase engagement with a mobile advisor software solution that allows customers to engage with their advisor anytime and anywhere, empowering them to play an active role in their financial future.

Investment Management

Solutions to Propel Growth

Investment Management

Creating and maintaining a high-quality, robust investment management platform to meet the unique needs of today’s sophisticated investor can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Through Reliance Trust, an FIS company, clients can choose from select turnkey to fully outsourced investment solutions in a highly automated environment.

  • Gain access to a wide array of institutional-quality investment solutions through Reliance Trust’s existing investment management infrastructure.
  • Complement your current investment offerings and broaden your potential client base by selecting investment options, including mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts (SMAs), collective investment trust funds, and alternative strategies.
  • Reduce time spent on portfolio implementation and refocus your efforts on client service and growing your business in a scalable and efficient manner.
  • Rely on our team of seasoned investment experts to work with you to build an investment program that makes the most sense for your organization.

Portfolio Management

Powerful Portfolio Management Software to Increase Business Performance

In the competitive financial world of portfolio management, clients need powerful technology that delivers results. FIS™’ Investor’sView portfolio management software digitally connects portfolio managers, financial planners and back-office users to all the relationship, investment accounting and performance data in one aggregated platform to help manage investments.

  • Increase business performance and strengthen customer relationships with an organization-level view and robust investment accounting and reporting capabilities.
  • Improve efficiency with automated trade-order management and pre-trade compliance aspects of portfolio management.
  • Streamline implementation with quick, out-of-the-box workflows that enable you to customize the user experience and enhance functionality along the way.
  • Lower costs with a back-office agnostic portfolio management and accounting software platform that requires minimal internal resource commitment.

Trust Accounting

Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Trust Accounting

Changing regulations, increased cost pressures and more complex IT structures are driving firms to implement more cost-effective, efficient operations solutions. Our comprehensive trust platforms empower firms with the flexibility to select the deployment option and solution suite that best meets their needs.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose a trust accounting platform (AddVantage, Charlotte, Global Plus or TrustDesk®) that fits your specific needs.
  • Choose from hosted and in-house technology platforms, with the ability to outsource back-office functions and complementary fiduciary, custody and investment management services.
  • Gain operational, cost, risk and time benefits as a result of our enhanced technology and wealth outsourcing services.
  • Support and meet your growing trust operations requirements using the latest technology and best-in-class workflow tools.

Wealth Outsourcing

A Complete Solution

As the wealthy retire, the next 30 years will see the largest ever intergenerational wealth transfer. You can serve as trustee, but building a trust department is fraught with regulatory risks and complicated fiduciary responsibilities. FIS™ delivers hosted and in-house technology platforms that deliver trust, investment and retirement outsourcing solutions on a private-label basis.

  • Attract and serve the wealthy, emerging affluent and commercial markets with flexible trust and investment solutions.
  • Compete more aggressively in the wealth management space, with or without a trust charter, enhancing your role as a trusted advisor.
  • Lower risk, increase profitability and deploy a full range of services with no loss of control, allowing you to focus on your institution’s core competencies.
  • Benefit from a wide array of institutional-quality investment solutions robust enough to meet your clients’ needs and preferences.