Treasury and Risk Management

Empowering a Digital Treasury with Treasury Management Software and Services

Driving free cash flow in a predictable fashion is fundamental to building corporate value, but corporations are challenged by manual processes, disparate systems and lack of workflow automation. FIS offers sophisticated solutions to manage risk, cash, liquidity, accounting, payments processing, bank connectivity with an embedded SWIFT Service bureau, and more. Our treasury management software can be deployed on premise, in a private cloud or in a secure, SaaS environment hosted at ISO-certified and SSAE 16/ISAE4302-audited data centers.

  • With QUANTUM, as an enterprise corporation, gain a sophisticated treasury, risk and cash management solution. By hosting the solution on premise or in a private cloud environment, enterprise corporations have greater control of the data, application ownership, and greater ability for customization.
  • With INTEGRITY, gain a packaged treasury, risk and cash management solution deployed in a SaaS environment which offers a lower overall cost of ownership, greater standardization, and fast implementation.
  • Benefit from a full range of treasury management services from the FIS™ global services team – business consulting, implementation, ongoing training, support and hosting. Additionally, benefit from our managed services offerings, including routine upgrades of our treasury management software, managed bank connectivity and managed risk scoring.

Bank Account Management and Bank Fee Analysis

Eliminate Manual Tasks with Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)

Many treasury professionals spend too much time performing manual tasks – filling out paper forms, tracking missing information and sending reminders. FIS™' treasury solution suite provides an electronic bank account management (eBAM) software solution that enables treasury professionals to introduce standard workflows for opening, closing and maintaining bank accounts, eliminating these manual processes.

  • Use eBAM to automatically generate documents, correspondence and electronic messages and deliver them via SWIFT or directly to banking partners.
  • Simplify the certification process and audit requests each quarter with a bank fee analysis eBAM solution that makes it part of the standard bank relationship management process.
  • Eliminate the need to spend time filling out forms and hunting down missing information.
  • Avoid the loss of funds or the misstatement of financial statements by putting effective controls in place and gaining visibility to cash.
  • Simplify bank fee analysis, automate the certification process and audit requests, and maintain tight control over your bank accounts.

Cash and Liquidity Management

Make Faster Decisions with Real-time Cash Visibility

Cash and liquidity management is not simple, especially when data is scattered across disparate sources and processes are manual. Access to consolidated, real-time cash management information from multiple sources is critical. FIS offers a comprehensive treasury, risk and cash management suite that reduces manual processing, decreases operating costs and improves management of liquidity and risk.

  • Gain real-time visibility into cash.
  • Improve cash management decision-making with cash positioning and forecasting.
  • Manage multiple bank relationships from a central point.
  • Achieve compliance with capabilities that enable segregation of duties.
  • Improve cash pooling, sweeping and zero-balancing.
  • Mitigate risk by aggregating counterparty information.
SWIFT Certified Cash Management

Global Connectivity

Taking Integration to Another Level

Treasury and payments solutions require secure and reliable integration with banking partners, enterprise resource planning (ERPs), trading portals and more. For superior bank connectivity, FIS™’ treasury management solution integrates with all of these connections.

  • Integrate with ERPs and accounting systems.
  • Integrate with FIS’ short-term investment portal as well as foreign exchange and derivative portals.
  • Securely, reliably and cost-effectively outsource all aspects of the management of your bank connectivity to FIS.

Hedge Accounting

Greater Control, Efficiency, Flexibility and Compliance

Most CFOs recognize the value of hedge accounting for reducing corporate earnings volatility, but many struggle with the high costs, the ongoing monitoring and reporting of hedge effectiveness, and the documentation and compliance. FIS™' treasury suite provides a treasury hedge accounting solution that reduces manual intervention and operational risk and provides greater control and transparency.

  • Achieve compliance with hedge accounting standards such as IAS 39 and FAS 133.
  • Stay abreast of the latest hedge accounting standards.
  • Increase operational efficiency with one-step posting and recording of results.
  • Gain the flexibility to choose between short-cut or long-haul hedge accounting methods.
Hedge Accounting

Payments and Bank Connectivity

Standardize and Centralize Payments Processing and Streamline Bank Connectivity

Although standardizing and centralizing payment workflow is a key practice in the prevention of fraud, most large corporations have not done so. Further, they are bypassing significant cost savings. With the FIS payments and bank connectivity solution, corporations can lower costs, reduce fraud, increase operational efficiency and controls, and gain global cash visibility.

  • Centralize payments for improved visibility and control.
  • Mitigate risk of fraud and errors.
  • Handle all payment types – ISO 20022 XML, bulk/ACH, treasury, wires, direct debits and manual payments.
  • Easily reconcile payments.
  • Securely, reliably and cost-effectively outsource all aspects of the management of bank connectivity.
  • Outsource to FIS, certified by SWIFT as a premier service bureau.
SWIFT Service Bureau

Portfolio Accounting and Analytics

Bring New Efficiencies to Portfolio Accounting and Management

Faced with increasing pressure to do more with less, treasurers must move beyond traditional cash management activities to implement tighter portfolio accounting controls, enhance efficiency and improve reporting. FIS offers a portfolio and debt accounting and investment management solution that provides securities tracking, regulatory compliance, report writing and full import/export capability.

  • Benefit from the integration of trading, operations and back-office portfolio accounting functions.
  • Provide clients with full portfolio accounting and investment management capabilities, from complex asset classes to full collateral management, custodial reconciliation, exception notification and regulatory reporting.
  • Gain real-time access to current and historical investment data, a wide array of instrument coverage, ad hoc reporting and a data warehouse of market information.
  • Receive debt and derivative accounting and management information.

Reconciliation and Matching

Gain Control by Automating Cash Reconciliation

Reconciliation and Matching SWIFT Certified Application Reconciliation 2017

A fully reconciled view of treasury accounts is a critical starting point for determining daily cash positions. FIS automates cash reconciliation by validating balance and transaction imports based on user-defined rules.

  • Increase efficiency by automating cash reconciliation, which validates balance and transaction imports based on user-defined rules.
  • Achieve exception based reporting on account balances and rogue payments and receipts.
  • Gain intraday reconciled positions as and when available by bank.

Risk Management and Compliance

Tighter Treasury Risk Management Controls and Improved Reporting

Prudent risk management requires a holistic view of treasury risk, so the ability to monitor trading credit limits, calculate market prices and sensitivities, and perform portfolio monitoring is essential. FIS™’ treasury solution provides sophisticated treasury risk management and analysis through an integrated dealer desktop, which combines treasury risk management and performance measurement capabilities across all positions managed.

  • Improve data transparency to support decision-making.
  • Receive automatic notifications of risk alerts such as limit breaches.
  • Gain a centralized view of cash flows across the enterprise.
  • Use a variety of methods of extracting and reporting data – key performance indicators, ad hoc reports, and regulatory reporting for European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), Dodd-Frank, international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and financial accounting standards board (FASB).
  • Gain a holistic view of market risk including interest rate, credit, foreign exchange and commodity risk.

Trading, Confirmation and Settlements

Minimize the Operational Risks of Trading, Confirmation and Cash Settlements

Trading Confirmation and Settlements

Manually entering deals generated from electronic trading platforms can introduce data entry errors that negatively impact downstream processes and reports. Equally important is secure, guaranteed and efficient movement of cash. FIS™’ treasury solution for trading, confirmation and cash settlements provides the dealer with an integrated desktop that offers all information required for pre-deal decision-making.

  • Integrate with trading portals including foreign exchange, short-term investments, and derivative portals for real-time position updates.
  • Introduce workflow controls based on dealing and confirmation status and the configuration of a comprehensive workflow for authorization, segregation of duties and tiered approval requirement.
  • Efficiently manage intercompany transactions and settle them internally using a comprehensive multilateral netting solution.
  • Receive quote management for competitive analysis on dealing platforms.
  • Gain up-to-the minute position reporting, pricing tools and pre-deal credit limit checking.
  • Gain customizable entry screens and web-based options for remote input of treasury wires/payments and urgent cash settlements.
  • Reduce the number of external payments, cross border flows and foreign exchange deals.

Treasury and Risk Management for Banks

Rethink Your Treasury and Liquidity Management Operations

As the bank’s treasurer, your core objectives are to manage assets and liabilities, ensure access to funding and liquidity, and reduce exposure to risk. FIS offers a centralized treasury and liquidity management solution for cash management, liquidity, FX and more, across multiple asset classes, to help the bank manage its own treasury operations.

  • Implement your strategies in real time and with maximum efficiency, reacting to unexpected liquidity surpluses or shortages with confidence.
  • Enhance productivity by automating transaction flows with central hub architecture, increasing the level of automation and lowering cost per transaction.
  • Deliver flexibility across asset classes with extensive instrument coverage.
  • Improve risk management with a complete and accurate view of credit, market and operational exposure.
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing both the application and hardware support.

Treasury Partnership Program

Strengthening Relationships with Consultancies, Technology Providers and Banks

Treasurers rely on a combination of financial services solutions, treasury technology and strategic advisory services to accomplish strategic goals. The FIS Treasury Partnership Program is a unique alliance of those third-party treasury services and solution providers, intended to help FIS clients do everything from simplifying integration to optimizing capital structure.

The FIS Treasury Partnership Program community has three distinct groups:

  • Treasury Management Consultancies: FIS partners with only the best treasury and risk management consultants in order to help our mutual clients optimize technology and overcome challenges that go beyond the realm treasury technology.
  • Banks: As the world’s largest provider of financial technology solutions, FIS has experience working with both banks and their corporate clients. Our goal is to empower banks to provide better, more comprehensive treasury technological advisory services and solutions to corporate clients.
  • Treasury Technology Providers: FIS partners with an array of specialized treasury technology providers, including banks, trading portals, rate providers, ERPs and more, with the objective of streamlining and simplifying integration for mutual clients.
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