Asset Management System for Boutiques

Front-to-back Software for Agility and Growth

In an increasingly regulated investment environment, boutique asset managers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on their agility and specialized service. Still, they must adapt to constant market change and ensure institutional-grade operations to attract institutional investors. FIS™’ Asset Arena 360 is a one-stop asset management system for boutiques that enables firms to think big yet stay agile.

  • Simplify operations with a single asset management system for boutiques that helps optimize processes so you can focus on your core strengths.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of investments through our integrated porfolio management system and comprehensive support for the whole investment value chain.
  • Support your investment philosophy and demonstrate institutional standards of data management and control with streamlined, scalable operations.
  • Protect your business by investing within limits while ensuring the security of your data.
  • Prepare for coming challenges with innovative front-to-back software designed specifically for boutique asset managers by portfolio managers.


Minimize Risk More Efficiently with Pre- and Post-trade Compliance Checks

Meeting internal risk and external regulatory requirements means keeping your investment book within different key parameters. But managing overlapping limits involves multiple pre- and post-trade compliance checks, which can strain manual processes and increase risk. The FIS™ Asset Arena 360 asset management system for boutiques allows you to implement a robust, automated control framework for constant compliance.

  • Invest with confidence, carrying out automatic pre- and post-trade compliance checks against regulatory restrictions.
  • Gain control by monitoring activity at the level of individual trades, the portfolio and your whole firm.
  • Stay abreast of looming breaches with instant alerts.
  • Demonstrate your adherence to regulations by creating clear audit trails for all your processes.
  • Position your firm to support forthcoming data requirements for best execution analysis under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II.

Market Data

High-quality and Cost-effective Market Data for Boutiques

Increased regulation and a greater understanding of systemic risk have created a stronger demand for high-quality market data. This data has to be validated and accurate, go back further in time and be easy to store and access for longer periods. FIS™ offers boutique asset managers two solutions:

FIS MarketMap gives boutiques flexible, cost-effective access to global, real-time, historical and time series data, news and analytics.

  • Control and clearly view market data delivery and exchange costs down to the level of individual users.
  • Reduce internal IT infrastructure with efficient, standardized display functionality.
  • Centralize and standardize real-time, historical and time series data, eradicating silos and redundant processes.
  • Improve transparency and manipulate data with ease in a high-speed data storage environment.
  • Carry out rapid and reliable research.

FIS Astec Analytics helps boutiques monitor securities lending activities – a recognized daily proxy for short interest – to support long and short trading decisions.

  • Use daily, global short selling-related information to assess the level of share borrowing across the stocks or sectors you trade in.
  • Track hard-to-borrow securities and calculate multiyear lending revenue estimates for RFP responses.
  • Gain a clear understanding of short-side borrowing demand for an up-to-date view of the hottest stocks.
  • Integrate securities lending market data into your internal systems and trading screens.

Order Management

Eliminate Complexity with an Integrated Order Management System

Boutique Asset Management Order Management

No matter how compact your organization, operational complexity can hold you back. Successful boutique asset management firms take advantage of their size, managing order data and workflows holistically. FIS™ Asset Arena 360 helps with a built-in order management system, allowing you to execute trades as part of a seamless straight-through process.

  • Manage execution decisions efficiently with predesigned FIX connectivity to brokers, which lets you choose the execution channel, select the broker and track your order’s progress in real time.
  • Rely on our integrated order management system to create a single flow of data from order origination, execution and trade allocation to post-trade matching and the direct delivery of confirmed trades to your fund administrator or custodian.

Portfolio Accounting and Reporting

Reduce Risk, Ensure Transparency and Enhance Compliance

As a boutique asset manager in a competitive market, your front-to-back software and office operations must be integrated, and you must account for portfolio transactions across multiple asset classes and currencies. FIS™’ VPM portfolio accounting and reporting software fully integrates with our asset management system for boutiques, empowering you to adapt your trading strategies.

  • Ensure greater accuracy by eliminating manual portfolio accounting entries.
  • Use portfolio accounting software to mitigate risk.
  • Meet the need for data integrity, transparency and a complete audit trail.
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as corporate governance and accounting standards.
  • Minimize the complexities inherent in managing asset classes such as bank debt.

Portfolio Management

A 360-degree Portfolio Management System for Better Decision-making

For the best investment decisions, you need access to accurate, consistent and real-time position data, which manual processes and disparate systems struggle to deliver. As part of our front-to-back software, the Asset Arena 360 portfolio management system captures and consolidates the information required for a complete view of your portfolio.

  • Bring all of your investment data together in a single repository, and then break it all down for an up-to-the-minute, 360-degree view of your holdings and positions.
  • View your whole portfolio in real time, enriched with real-time market data and key risk metrics.
  • Assess exposure in multiple dimensions, including by currency, geography or industry sector.
  • Use our portfolio management system to look where you’re going and show where you’ve been by simulating investment decisions in multiple dimensions.
  • Forecast the potential impact on positions, exposure and cash flow in seconds, or store and rapidly access time series data.
  • Drill down into the details of investments to assess their composition and impact on your portfolio.


Reduce Costs and Risk with Reconciliation Software

Selecting the right reconciliation software is critical, especially considering current requirements for transparency and other regulatory pressures. Boutique asset managers can better manage position, cash and net asset value (NAV) reconciliation and system validation with FIS™’ IntelliMatch Operational Control. This powerful operational control and reconciliation software solution suite integrates with our front-to-back software for reduced costs and risk.

  • Automate the validation and exception resolution of trade, position, cash and net asset value (NAV) reconciliations against brokers and custodians.
  • Ensure high levels of automation with pre-packaged adapters for FIS products and industry standard data formats, including SWIFT.
  • Simplify your back-office processes and infrastructure with a fully managed reconciliation service.
  • Reduce risk and improve compliance with complete audit trails and reporting for all asset classes at every stage of the trade life cycle.
Boutique Asset Management Reconciliation Solution SWIFT Certified Application Reconciliation 2018

Risk Management and Reporting

Gain a Complete View of Risk with Front-to-back Software

Boutique asset managers have started to see significant value in using investment risk management to improve internal investment decision-making as well as to meet the external demands of regulators and investors. FIS™’ asset management system for boutiques includes a multiasset class risk management system and reporting solution – and a comprehensive risk solution for commodities.

The APT risk management system models market risk and liquidity risk across both liquid and illiquid asset classes. What-if scenario analysis is supported by an exhaustive range of risk models and stress testing, with a fully managed service for automated risk reporting also available.

  • Integrate risk management more closely with the overall investment process.
  • See enterprisewide risk clearly over a wider range of asset classes.
  • Improve investment strategy and the decision-making process.
  • Deliver more innovative, higher-yielding strategies with greater confidence.
  • Fully automate risk reporting with standard and customized batch reporting.

The Kiodex suite provides four key services as part of a comprehensive commodity risk solution: independent market data, risk reports, valuation models and deal capture.

  • Offers an independent source of commodity forward curves and volatilities
  • Addresses the challenges of managing operational risk, quantifying market risk and obtaining independent market data

Trading and Connectivity

Respond to Opportunity with Superior Market Connectivity

As part of our asset management system for boutiques, FIS™’ SGN Network addresses the buy-side connectivity challenges of trading in new instruments and shifting investment strategies. SGN Securities provides market data, order routing and FIX connectivity services.

  • Integrates with our front-to-back software to automate the entire trade life cycle across a wide range of financial instruments for increased operational efficiency
  • Connects asset managers and sell-side firms, as well as exchanges and ECNs, to trading venues
  • Enables you to reach equities and derivatives brokers, fixed income desks and algorithmic destinations
  • Provides the audit data required for regulatory compliance

FIS™ Fox River Execution Solutions helps boutique asset managers enhance the quality of executions and reduce information leakage and execution costs.

  • Helps reduce overall latency in reaching external venues, enabling you to improve fill rates and execution price
  • Fox River Algorithms combine human logic with precise mathematical formulas in much the same way as an experienced, knowledgeable trader. Identifies skews, patterns and opportunities that other algorithms don’t look for
  • Fox River Sales Trading manages and executes soft dollar and execution-only equity trades for all types of buy-side U.S. clients, preventing information leakage and conflicts of interest.
Boutique Asset Management Trading and Connectivity