Operations and Technology

Securities Solutions for Efficient Post-trade Processing

With new capital and margin requirements and reporting rules, financial institutions must pursue operational efficiencies and cost reduction. Growing volumes, complex derivatives clearing processes and declining commission rates call for streamlined post-trade processing. The FIS™ suite of securities solutions for post-trade operations helps you efficiently process securities and manage workflow while reducing risk and cost.

  • Automate middle- and back-office post-trade processing and workflows, including derivatives reconciliation with exchanges and central counterparties, and daily settlement and contract data coverage for more than 80 derivatives exchanges.
  • Drive process and data standardization and integrate with our solutions for trading, securities financing, collateral management, and risk and compliance.
  • Transform the economics, scale and efficiency of your clearing businesses by reducing operational complexity, risk and cost.
  • More effectively track funds on a day-to-day basis and invest them to your best advantage.

Bank Treasury and Portfolio Management

A Single Securities Solution for Tracking and Investing Funds

Managing money is at the core of a financial institution’s business, including investing its own fund balances on a day-to-day basis, underwriting bonds and holding customer assets in safekeeping. The FIS™ InTrader securities solution for bank treasury and portfolio management, clearance and settlement can help you track and invest funds to the best advantage.

  • Optimize investment returns while streamlining investment portfolio accounting and improving the efficiency of middle- and back-office processing.
  • Comply with SEC regulations.
  • Reduce administrative activities and costs by making documents and analyses more readily available to customers and affiliates.
  • Handle investment portfolio safekeeping and trading activity through one account record, including real-time updates, security and holdings information.
  • Execute and manage securities transactions with real-time position updates, event notifications and integrated online reports.

Cleared Derivatives Processing

Reduce Derivatives Clearing Costs with Post-trade Technology

Clearing costs have risen significantly as financial reforms and market structure changes go into effect. Requirements for transparent, real-time information and intraday monitoring of exposure and risks are placing pressure on existing securities solutions and post-trade processing. The high-performance cleared derivatives processing solution from FIS™ helps you reduce cost and transform your business model for derivatives clearing.

  • Benefit from FIS’ investment in its new global post-trade cleared derivatives processing solution that provides real-time middle- and back-office processing, life cycle and end-of-day/end-of-market events, and brokerage solutions and capabilities.
  • Take advantage of the launch of the first phase of this new securities solution: middle-office trade clearing.
  • Automate your cleared derivatives operations to increase efficiency and support straight-through processing with real-time matching, clearing, bookkeeping and settlement, as well as margining and brokerage management.
  • Access all major derivatives exchanges around the globe.
  • Receive data feeds for both exchange-traded derivatives (ETD) and cleared over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives.

Corporate Actions

Bring Comprehensive Automation to Corporate Actions Events

Dramatic increases in the complexity and volume of corporate actions events have introduced inefficient manual processes and greater exposure to operational, financial and reputational risk. The FIS™ Corporate Actions solution automates the corporate actions process, helping to reduce total cost of ownership and minimize risk.

  • Automate the entire process, including cleansing and standardizing data, golden copy downstream notification and automation of response capture.
  • Reduce infrastructure maintenance and cost by deploying XSP locally, through the cloud or using XSPrisa, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) option.
  • Minimize risk.
  • Choose the solution that has earned the SWIFT Certified Application Label for 14 consecutive years, ensuring adherence to SWIFT FIN messages, connectivity and functionality.

Derivatives Utility

An Efficient and Cost-effective Operating Model for Derivatives Clearing

Ongoing cost and capital pressures and low interest rates are driving the need for permanent structural change for trade clearing firms. The FIS™ Derivatives Utility was designed to help global capital markets firms better adapt to derivatives clearing challenges by enabling market participants, including futures commission merchants (FCMs), to achieve greater post-trade processing efficiencies.

  • Create a more sustainable operating model and cost structure for trade and derivatives clearing.
  • Move functions that don’t create a competitive advantage into the utility operation so you can keep your focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Reduce risk through best practices.
  • Minimize your total cost of ownership.
  • Focus your internal resources on differentiating your service while relying on FIS to build and maintain the operations and technology to support your trade and derivatives clearing business.

Managed Services

Drive Growth through Smarter Post-trade Processing and Operations

Complex regulations, cost pressures and growing service demands are increasing financial services firms’ IT maintenance requirements, draining their resources, and affecting performance and future profitability. FIS™ managed services for post-trade processing can help you build smarter operations, turn risk into competitive advantage and drive agile growth.

  • Improve post-trade operations across multiple countries.
  • Build economies of scale for middle- and back-office processing.
  • Deliver an efficient, end-to-end process that supports future growth.
  • Redirect internal resources toward strategic initiatives that will improve your ability to compete and achieve long-term growth.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and achieve new efficiencies.
  • More quickly transition to FIS’ new cleared derivatives solution or the FIS Derivatives Utility.


Enterprise Reconciliation Software for Efficiency and Control

Under pressure to manage increased regulatory reporting requirements and reduce operational costs and risk, banks are looking to automate and centralize as many operational processes as possible. An enterprise reconciliation software platform, FIS™’ IntelliMatch Operational Control solution can help improve efficiency, agility, transparency and control across an organization’s entire reconciliation environment.

  • Cover any type of data validation, reconciliation and exception management, including cash, securities, derivatives, collateral and financial close management.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency by tracking the delivery and completion of reconciliation processes and monitoring the performance of reconciliation software.
  • Increase automation and lower operational costs through advanced matching algorithms and data analytics.
  • Reduce exception resolution times with automated workflow, for lower risk and data system integrity.
  • Scale up to a proven enterprise model for global organizations.
  • Gain flexible deployment options for on-premise, hosted and fully managed enterprise reconciliation services.

Securities Processing

Automate Effectively from End to End with Cross-asset Securities Solutions

In the pursuit of increased revenues and profitability, cost reduction and regulatory compliance, many banks and brokers struggle to integrate systems, processes and workflows and access crucial data with constrained IT resources. The securities processing suite from FIS™ integrates complementary securities solutions to automate operations across the entire transaction life cycle for multiple asset classes and currencies.

  • Gain easier access to your data, increased efficiencies and economies of scale that lower your total cost of ownership.
  • Simplify budgeting, procurement, implementation and maintenance.
  • Expand product offerings and asset classes.
  • Respond quickly to new business opportunities and grow into new markets and geographies.
  • Reduce operational and regulatory complexity and risk and improve data management.
  • Eliminate redundancies, alleviate strain on IT resources and increase user productivity.