Treasury Management for Commercial and Investment Banking

Empowering a Digital Treasury with Treasury Management Software and Services for Banks

As the bank’s treasurer, your core objectives are to manage assets and liabilities, ensure access to funding and liquidity, and reduce exposure to risk. FIS™’ offers a centralized treasury management solution for cash management, liquidity, FX and more, with multiple asset classes commonly used to help the bank manage its own treasury operations. The solution also integrates with FIS’ premium fully managed bank connectivity solution to help banks connect directly to SWIFTNet and other regional networks.

  • Implement your strategies in real time and with maximum efficiency, reacting to unexpected liquidity surpluses or shortages with confidence.
  • Enhance productivity by automating transaction flows with central hub architecture, increasing the level of automation and lowering cost per transaction.
  • Deliver flexibility across asset classes with extensive instrument coverage.
  • Improve risk management with a complete and accurate view of credit, market and operational exposure.
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing both the application and hardware support.

Ambit FX Portal

Navigating the FX Landscape

Ambit FX Portal

In an ever more competitive environment, banks must increase productivity, become more effective at managing foreign exchange risk and offer their corporate clients the best possible experience. It is especially important to ensure fast and efficient financial intermediation in the FX business. FIS™ offers banks the ability to manage FX volumes with FIS’ Ambit Treasury FX Portal. It provides real-time rate feeds and auto-hedging capabilities to effectively control the position the bank’s customers are taking, defines rules around margins and fully integrates with core banking and treasury solutions.

  • Real-time third-party rate data, market news, streaming prices and charting tools
  • Monitor FX positions, margin status, and profit and lost (P&L) in real time.
  • Access a complete view of customer trading history.
  • Integrate all bank entities and proxies, including branches and eBanking, with central treasury applications.
  • Increase visibility into posted collateral and calculated net equity.

Ambit Quantum Treasury Management Solution

Fortify Your Liquidity and Risk Strategy

The FIS™ Ambit Treasury Management (Quantum) solution is a sophisticated front-to-back office treasury and risk management solution. It combines the depth and breadth of functionality required by financial institutions worldwide of various size and scale. Ambit Treasury Management provides an efficient and solid treasury straight-through processing (STP) solution that offers centralized treasury cash/liquidity management, payments capabilities, accounting and hedge accounting, credit and market risk functionality, extensive asset class coverage and more.

  • Liquidity Management – a Helps banks meet their obligations with complete and up-to-date data on the availability of cash and funding, plus advanced analytical tools such as scenario analysis and stress testing to help treasurers easily identify liquidity threats and take appropriate action
  • Market and Credit Risk – Improves transparency and risk management with real-time visibility into risk for a complete and accurate view of risk exposure. The solution empowers banks to respond to market conditions quickly with sophisticated strategies that involve multiple asset classes.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Improves compliance with real-time regulatory reporting.
  • Front-to-Back Solution – Helps automate processes, provides real-time visibility and offers a fully integrated front-, middle- and back-office solution covering settlements, accounting entries, nostro management and real-time compliance checks
  • Collateral Management – Provides central clearing reporting requirements and margin management to help monitor and report on positions and order status, tracking collateral and margins in real time to effectively monitor and mitigate exposures

Managed Bank Connectivity / SWIFT Service Bureau

Streamline Managed Bank Connectivity and Remain Competitive

Banking solutions require secure and reliable connections to other banks and trading partners. FIS™ offers financial institutions a fully managed connectivity solution through SWIFT and other regional networks, enabling institutions to provide domestic and international banking services to their customers. FIS’ Managed Bank Connectivity solution also helps institutions reduce risk and increase efficiency related to sending and receiving financial messages to and from correspondent banks.FIS is a premier certified SWIFT Service Bureau (SSB), with access to all SWIFT network services over FIN, FileAct and InterAct.

  • Allow FIS to manage the entire relationship from administration to onboarding for any SWIFT member bank, facilitated through any of FIS’ SWIFT Service Bureaus located in the United States and Europe.
  • Gain a single, secure point of connectivity to all the SWIFT community of banks and corporates and other corresponding networks.
  • Easily integrates with the bank’s back-office applications
  • Provide corporate banking services.

Portfolio Accounting and Analytics

Bring New Efficiencies to Portfolio Accounting and Management

Faced with increasing pressure to do more with less, bank treasurers must move beyond traditional cash management activities to implement tighter portfolio accounting controls, enhance efficiency and improve reporting. FIS™ offers a portfolio and debt accounting and investment management solution that provides securities tracking, regulatory compliance, report writing and full import/export capability.

  • Benefit from the integration of trading, operations and back-office portfolio accounting functions.
  • Provide clients with full portfolio accounting and investment management capabilities, from complex asset classes to full collateral management, custodial reconciliation, exception notification and regulatory reporting.
  • Gain real-time access to current and historical investment data, a wide array of instrument coverage, ad hoc reporting and a data warehouse of market information. Receive debt and derivative accounting and management information.
Portfolio Accounting and Analytics