FIS InvestOne


The Investment Accounting System for When Accuracy and Efficiency Matter

FIS™ InvestOne provides a scalable and modular investment accounting system that supports an exhaustive range of investment types, asset classes and accounting methodologies.

Deployed as a SaaS-based solution, InvestOne empowers asset managers and fund administrators to quickly and cost-effectively integrate their core platform with other solutions as needed to support any new investment strategy.

How FIS Empowers Investment Accounting

Discover an investment accounting system that can meet today’s requirements and adapt to tomorrow’s ever-changing demands

Reach New Levels of Automation

Gain greater insight into your holdings, improve operational efficiency and generate a real-time IBOR through InvestOne’s sophisticated and highly automated technology modules

Cut through Complexity

Simplify investment accounting and support intricate calculations and your evolving data requirements with efficient, fully integrated tools

Turn Data into Insight

Benefit from timely access to accurate data and a full suite of reporting capabilities that supports all global calculation types, virtually all asset types and a flexible categorization structure

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