FIS Premium Payback

Enable cardholders to use points as currency at POS

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The Leading Real-time Redemption Solution for a Seamless Customer Experience

FIS’ Premium Payback drives new and existing in-store traffic by surprising and delighting customers at the POS as they discover they can redeem existing points as currency for instant savings. Premium Payback is fully integrated into the standard transaction procedure, providing a frictionless experience for cardholders and merchants.

How FIS Empowers Brand Loyalty

Discover a new tender type that increases purchase power and lowers transaction costs

Improves Customer Penetration Rates

Grow your customer base through FIS-driven marketing and a simplified redemption process that drives new shoppers to you and increases average spend through consumer buying power

Gain Wallet Share

Increase wallet share by providing surprise, delight and instant savings at the POS

Frictionless Cardholder Experience

Customers receive offers to redeem points as currency during standard POS transaction

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