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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of our terms and conditions

Trading University's training and certification programs are provided to you subject to the acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

By registering for one of our courses or certification programs, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms.

Our terms and conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that apply in connection with product training and certification programs:

Changes to content

The content of courses and certification programs is subject to change without notice, at FIS Trading University’s discretion.

FIS Trading University's right to cancel

FIS Trading University reserves the right to cancel courses providing it notifies the client organization by email or telephone at least 7 days before the course starts. This may happen, for example, if there is insufficient demand for a particular course.

Participant's right to cancel

Cancellations made in writing by the client organization or participant earlier than 10 days before the course starts will result in a charge equal to 10% of course fees.

Cancellations made in writing before the course starts but later than 10 days before the course starts will result in a charge equal to 50% of course fees. Payment in full will be required in all other cases.


Payment is due within 15 days of invoice date.

Code of conduct

The contents of all assessments undertaken as part of a course or certification program are confidential, and the participant must agree to respect that confidentiality and not disclose the contents to anyone.

Any test distributed outside of FIS Trading University will contain a statement where the participant confirms in writing that they will not distribute the test to anybody in any form. Tests must be submitted within a week of receiving the test material.

All assessments must be completed alone, without any support other than documentation. A participant must not collaborate with or assist anyone else who is doing the same certification.

The decision of FIS Trading University is final. If FIS Trading University has any reason to suspect that these requirements have not been complied with, the participant will fail the certification and there is no right of appeal.


Within a maximum of four weeks of submitting an assessment, FIS Trading University will inform the participant of their result and send a certificate when relevant.

The cost of certification will usually cover one attempt at each test. If the participant fails the test (or previously participated in an uncertified course) and wishes to retake the test, this may be possible in return for a fee of 350 Euros. The decision to allow a retest will be the sole decision of FIS Trading University.

Decisions on whether to certify an individual or not will be the sole decision of FIS Trading University.

Obligations for participants

Unless specifically stated that a course or certification program is open to the public, the following relationship must exist.

Relationship between FIS Trading University, the participant and their employer: Participants must be employed by a client of FIS Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

If the above relationship condition ceases to be complied with for whatever reason, participation in the course or program must be ceased until the condition is once more true. No refunds will be payable.

Participants need to have access to a Front Arena system. Typically you have (or will have) one or more Front Arena components installed on your personal computer (e.g., PRIME or OMNI) for use as a normal part of your work. (Permanent access to server components is not required.)

Rights to use of Front Arena's products and information are only as permitted by your license agreements with FIS. Participation in certification or completion of certification does not confer any additional rights.

Participants are reminded that they must at all times keep Front Arena's software confidential and not permit the software to be used, copied or disposed of otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of the license agreements between you and FIS.

Intellectual property rights

All content included on this site, provided as course material or as part of a certification program, and software, is the property of FIS and protected by international copyright laws and all other applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. Participants’, their employers’ and FIS’ confidential and/or proprietary information shall be held in strict confidence by the other party, both for the duration of the training/certification program and thereafter, using the same standard of care as it uses to protect its own confidential information, and shall not be used or disclosed by the other party for any purpose except as except as required by law. The parties further undertake to take all such steps as shall from time to time be necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions of this clause by its respective employees, agents and sub-contractors.

The making of unauthorized copies of any material provided to participants is not permitted. Use of materials for private study is acceptable. Materials are provided subject to the condition that they shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated.


The legal notices published at are applicable and binding.