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Arena Extension Framework (AEF)

Developer certification: ARENA Extension Framework (AEF)

Developer certification programs for ARENA Extension Framework (AEF) are designed to support the many opportunities for developer customization in Front Arena.

The certification program structure reflects the high-level design of AEF. The framework is structured into a set of Business Extension Areas, some of which require additional licenses. The basic parts are referred to as AEF Base. The remaining parts for which additional licenses are required are called AEF Advanced.


A limitless variety of adaptations are possible using AEF, and many of them could have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the system. Adaptations need to be executed with a high degree of skill and knowledge, otherwise there is a risk of errors being introduced into Front Arena, which may be difficult to diagnose and resolve.

To reflect this complexity, and to certify that users of AEF have an appropriate level of competence, the grading of certification exercises is carried out with a corresponding level of strictness. Calculated values cannot be almost correct. Returned values cannot almost fulfill demands. There must also be no question as to whether the candidate worked alone.