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Arena Integration Framework (AIF)

AIF-FIX Certification

FIS offers a course titled “FA115 Front Arena: FIX Toolkit.” After completing this course, the participant can take the AIF-FIX certification.

What is FIX?

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol is a technical specification for electronic communication of trade-related messages. More precisely, the FIX Protocol is a series of messaging specifications developed through the collaboration of banks, broker-dealers, exchanges, industry utilities and associations, institutional investors, and information technology providers from around the world. These market participants share a vision of a common, global language for automated trading of securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments (see for more information).


The AIF FIX Toolkit certification is based on two parts. You must complete the following assessments during the program:

Part 1 - Multiple-choice questions

  • J - FIX General

Part 2 - Essay questions

  • K - FIX AMAS
  • L - FIX AFG

The assessments are carried out using the Certification and Assessment Tool (CAT). Trading University will guide you through the process.

Note that the assessments may include topics not covered in the course but which are documented in the standard product documentation.