[FA203] Front Arena Introduction – Interest Rates

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

The course focuses on the functionality in Front Arena used for defining, pricing and trading interest rate and credit instruments. The course covers:

  • Application fundamentals
  • Defining instruments and entering trades
  • Trade Management – Creating trade filters and portfolios
  • Valuation – Yield curves, volatility structures
  • Position keeping – Pricing, interest risk
  • Overview of ARENA Extension Framework
  • Security and limits

Goal of the Course

After the course users will be familiar with the normal use of Front Arena in the above areas.

Target Audience

Front- and middle-office staff as well as application managers who are new to Front Arena or wish to deepen or broaden their understanding. Back-office personnel may also find it useful to develop their knowledge of the system.

Participants must be employed by a customer of Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

Required Knowledge Level

No previous Front Arena knowledge is necessary.

Type of Course: Functional