Front Arena Credit Limits Using ACL

Duration of Course: Half-day

Course Covers

The course covers the following topics:

Part 1

  • General introduction to financial risk management – Credit risk versus market risk, etc.
  • Different types of credit risk – Pre-settlement risk, settlement risk, issuer risk, lending risk, etc.
  • Exposure versus risk
  • Credit risk mitigation – Netting, collateral
  • Measurement of exposure

Part 2

  • ACL functionality
    1. Pre-deal checking
    2. Limit structures
    3. Nonlimit checks
    4. Exposure measures
    5. Exposure mitigation – Netting, collateral
    6. Breach management
  • Demonstration

Goal of the Course

After the course the participant will be well oriented in different types of credit risk and exposure. The participant will also know how to use Adaptiv Credit Limits with Front Arena.

Target Audience

Credit risk managers and credit control officers, as well as system administrators or IT staff interested in receiving a business/functional perspective on the system.

Required Knowledge Level

Type of Course: Functional