Trading University

Custom Courses

In addition to standard courses, FIS Trading University also offers customized courses that consist of standard course content or material adapted specifically for you. To get ideas for the content of your course, take a look at the complete listing of standard courses. Custom courses can be held at your office or at one of FIS’ global training centres and they vary in length depending on your requirements

Benefits of customized course plans

The following are some of the benefits associated with customized courses:


Whether the course is for one participant or 10, the cost is the same.


On-site courses mean less time spent traveling

Use own data

Carry out real hands-on exercises using data from your organization’s own system


Verify that learning has been achieved


The course plan is tailor-made to suit individual needs. Focus only on material specific to your organization

How to order

A customized course can be ordered by contacting your local FIS contacts or by contacting FIS Trading University directly. We look forward to hearing from you!