About Trading University

Trading University is a virtual department within FIS Capital Markets and is dedicated to providing training in all aspects of Front Arena as well as generic Capital Markets training.

The aim is to ensure that internal and external staff are fully trained and that clients get the maximum value out of the system they have purchased.

  • Open courses are continually scheduled for our worldwide client base at our regional offices in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Zurich, London and Johannesburg.
  • Trainees may be certified in the use of our customization tools – more than 600 individuals have successfully passed the assessments to join the list of certified users of ARENA Extension Framework and AIF FIX Toolkit.
  • Training also takes place during delivery projects (this is included in the delivery fee).

Some clients request to be trained onsite, which can be arranged anywhere in the world. Courses cover all aspects of Front Arena (equities, fixed income, interest rate and credit trading) as well as the technical aspects (system administration, integration and adaptation).

Many of our authorized partners have participated in our training programs.

All schedules and information about course content and prices are available here. If you have further questions, please get in touch with us.