Protect Your Institution and Your Customers from Cyberthreats

Inevitably, your financial institution will come under attack from hackers, insider threats, or other cyberthreats. A successful breach could grind everyday operations to a halt – or worse, prove catastrophic. Even if an attack is successfully deterred, it could erode customer confidence and put your brand in crisis. Staying on top of the threat landscape is a major challenge for banks of all sizes.

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The State of Cyber in security infographic

The State of Cyber(in)security

How unprepared are today’s institutions for cyberattacks and threats? These stats make the problem crystal clear that every connected device in your organization is a potential entry point for malicious activity.

Eight Steps to a DDoS Mitigation Plan

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one of the most frequent and effective cyberattacks that companies encounter. Get actionable insights and advice for how your institution can steel itself against these cyberthreats and ensure its network or customers are not impacted.

Eight Steps to a DDoS Mitigation Plan Report
 Going on Offense Against Cyberintruders

Going on Offense Against Cyberintruders

Defensive strategies are indispensable in creating barriers against cyberintrusions while ensuring compliance. But defensive strategies alone aren’t enough to stay ahead of today’s criminals. How can banks go on the offense and be proactive in their cybersecurity?

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In 2017, the average time to detection
of an intrusion reached 92.2 days
Frequently Asked Questions About Sheltered Harbor

Frequently Asked Questions About Sheltered Harbor

The Sheltered Harbor initiative is designed to prevent loss of data from a data destruction event from happening by ensuring that critical deposit and brokerage records are stored in a manner that is not susceptible to a cyberattack and that services would be available even if the institution were compromised.

FIS is extremely focused on
the safety and security of our clients.

Shining a Light into the Deep and Dark Web

The Deep and Dark Web is a place where criminals can interact and buy and sell identities, passwords, source codes, malware, and even weapons, —but it can also be a source of invaluable insight. By gathering intelligence from the Deep and Dark Web, financial institutions can proactively identify potential risks to their operations and customers.

Shining a Light into the Deep and Dark Web infographic

When Firming Up Your Bank’s Cybersecurity Defenses, Think in Threes

When thinking through your defensive cybersecurity approach, you need to consider three key factors: the knowns, the mandatories and the various nice-to-haves.

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