Keeping Pace with Constantly Connected Customers

The 2017 FIS™ PACE report revealed that more than 70 percent of all customer interactions with a bank take place online or on a mobile device. These channels are the primary interaction customers have with your financial institution, and digital solutions are paramount to a financial institution’s success.

To keep pace with customers’ needs for digital products and services, financial institutions must be able to deliver a fully integrated, customer-centric experience that offers access, security and convenience across multiple channels.

See how a financial institution’s digital capabilities keep pace with one millennial couple. View Sofia and Luis’ journey.

The Value of a Seamless Digital Experience Report

The Value of a Seamless Digital Experience

To deliver best-in-class digital experiences, financial institutions must offer a robust set of digital features that keep pace with customers’ ever-changing demands for connectivity. Given that 53 percent of retail bank IT executives intend to adopt new or replace existing online and mobile banking technology before 2021, financial institutions must be equipped with the latest digital innovations to maintain a competitive advantage.

The payoff for financial institutions who invest in these capabilities: a more valuable customer relationship. See what our industry research reveals about the economic drivers behind mobile banking and the impact it has on the value of customer relationships.

Mobile Features and Engagement – The Power of Lift

The value your financial institution sees from its mobile app depends on its relevance to your customers’ lives. Read how features like mobile deposit capture and newer technologies like person-to-person payments (P2P) benefit your bottom line when incorporated into your mobile banking app.

Mobile Features and Engagement The Power of Lift Report
Making ATM Transactions Faster and Safer Case Study

Making ATM Transactions Faster and Safer

Digital solutions must be fully integrated to give customers access and security across multiple channels, including online, mobile and at the ATM. Learn how three financial institutions gained the ability to fight ATM fraud, enhanced customer convenience and positioned themselves as high-tech providers by integrating Cardless Cash into their mobile wallet.

The Power of P2P

More than 85 million people now use person-to-person (P2P) payments1 for needs ranging from paying rent to paying the babysitter. As more consumer segments embrace the convenience P2P offers for digital money movement, new use cases like government disbursements and business payments continue to emerge. See how FIS’ Rapid Deployment Service with Zelle enables your financial institution to gain swift and cost-effective entry into the faster payments space while providing customers with a built-in P2P option that acts as an alternative to a third-party service.

The Power of P2P Infographic and Video
Security Is Not Negotiable Brochure

Security Is Not Negotiable

Banking customers who responded to our 2017 PACE survey named safety and security as the two most important features they expect their financial institution to provide. Learn how card usage and engagement increases when you give customers full control of their banking cards.

Learn more about card controls, a feature of the FIS Mobile Wallet.

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