FIS Ambit Optimist


Increase Revenue and Profitability with a Complete Credit Management Solution

FIS™ Ambit Optimist manages all commercial credit assessment and customer risk rating – including probability of default and loss given default – in one solution.

With industry-specific financial spreading and analysis, Ambit Optimist provides comprehensive credit risk analytics, identifies unrecognized risk, solidifies customer loyalty and lowers IT overhead – helping lenders increase revenue and profitability.

How FIS Empowers Credit Risk Management

Empower your credit and risk officers with a complete solution for credit risk management

Improve Visibility into Potential Trouble Spots

Strengthen your ability to manage the portfolio and analyze portfolio risk and profitability with centralized commercial credit data

Build Customer Relationships

Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by taking an advisory role and uncovering new business opportunities

Streamline Processes and Reduce Your TCO

Improve the credit process and adapt to ongoing regulatory change by eliminating multiple systems for a more cost-effective approach


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