FIS Compass

Manage multiple lines of insurance business through a single core administration solution


Core Administration to Manage Your Entire Insurance Business

FIS’ Compass supports the full line of business for traditional life, whole life and variable interest-sensitive policy administration globally.

Its core policy administration capabilities help you improve speed to market of competitive products while maintaining a single customer record. And with its business process management and workflow tools, you can create operational efficiencies, reduce manual processes, and validate and monitor decisions.

How FIS Empowers Core Policy Administration

Discover the comprehensive, single-source policy administration insurance software

Improve Your Speed to Market

Leverage a highly configurable, rules-based solution to efficiently manage multiple lines of business

Increase Your Flexibility

Quickly construct virtually any type of product

Automate and Integrate

Integrate seamlessly with other FIS insurance solutions for end-to-end straight-through processing


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