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More Sophisticated Risk Analytics with Risk as a Service

With advanced technology and expert services, FIS’ Risk as a Service can help you drive further operational efficiencies in risk management, whether by delivering real-time analytics, aggregating results in an in-memory cube or using artificial intelligence to automate XVA and risk calculation processes.

The Risk as a Service model allows you to augment or outsource your risk function with specialist quantitative capabilities and increase the accuracy and sophistication of risk analytics for less cost.

How FIS Empowers Risk Management

Support sophisticated risk calculations without breaking the budget

Industrialized Quantitative Calculations and Market Data Management

Leverage unprecedented economies of scale to perform complex calculations with optimal efficiency

An Enterprisewide View of Risk

Cover the trading and banking book with fully integrated services for a single view of risk

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

Increase capabilities while reducing costs by minimizing implementation time and duplicated development effort


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